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RatedOppose.png Ganteka Future opposes this article and rated it 0 of 4.
I'm glad it's harder than any known metal and also indestructible, because those are good things to know separately. Also, that this has been in the main space for 4 years, probably because no one wanted to read it, is awful and makes me feel bad. Also, if characters are about to fight something way out of their league, let them puzzle out a solution instead of throwing a Deus ex Machina McGuffin or whatever at them. This invalidates any sense of victory, because it takes it away from the characters and puts it on the item, which was given to them by the DM. Not sure why the bonuses to ability scores are so much lower on this one, and also enhancement bonuses this time. Fast healing/3. Epic spells... +3 enhancement to Strength. This is trash. Get this away from my face. It's nice that these all suffer the same problems. It makes rating them a lot easier.
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Same reason as the justice pendant.
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