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It has been a while since I played D&D so I hope I haven't made my class OP - this is my attempt to make a class for the next time I play Dungeons And Dragons. I would greatly appreciate feedback and reviews on it, on it's balance etc. Thank you all

I think this class should be themed with Psionics in mind, rather than "Sorcerer that only knows Telekinesis." There is "Psionic-Like Ability" you could use with this. Telekinesis has always been thematically more of a Psionic thing than Magic thing (to me atleast). Concentration is a Psionic thing, after all, and Focused Mind alters concentration, which you dont really use in your class actively. Maybe make the class like Soulknife, it doesn't really do anything with Psionic Powers, but is Psionic by nature for the purposes of Prestige Classes, and allowing you to take Psionic Feats.

Also, INT-mod to AC is NOT a good idea. "It goes out of RNG" as GW has put it in the past. And 100ft+10ft/level feels like a little too long range for an ability that you can "melee attack" multiple times with from a distance. --SalaHyena (talk) 15:05, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

--Range edited to base of 50ft at level one-- Sylverphoenix 16:21, 22 December 2014

Class Intrinsically changed![edit]

I've replaced a good portion of the class progression with a different 'style' of telekinesis, so previous comments are on the old, deleted class information! SylverPhoenix (talk) 11:16, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

Tunganation's Thoughts[edit]

I like the basic intent here though I have a few qualms. I will move from top to bottom listing them:

Class skills: This is a INT based class, but there are a couple of key INT based skills missing. Craft for flavour, how is a Telekinetic going to assemble his lightsabre without this skill? Telekinetic crafting would also just seem cool. Secondly this class is missing Search. It has disable device but no search. (or trapfinding ability) The Telekinetic also seems to do just about everything with what amounts to mind-fingers so might I suggest a power that allows the Telekinetic to perform the equivalent of the Spontaneous Search spell (Spell Compendium pg. 204) as a full round action to represent this and make disable device useful.

Weapon and armor proficiencies: None? Not even simple weapon proficiency? No armor I get, but no weapon at all? Even a commoner gets one simple weapon. As written the Telekinetic isn't even proficient with a punch or a kick, which makes the Two Hands ability gained a level 8. seem rather useless.

Telekinetic Thrust: Yes STR doesn't add damage to these attacks, but they are based on Telekinetic Strength right? Which is INT based? Does that mean that the INT mod adds damage? (Which makes the Telekinetic Strength upgrades at levels 5, 10, and 15 more widely applicable)

Telekinetic Strength: Perhaps it's just me, but is it your intent that a Telekinetic can carry up to their maximum load with their mind, without any encumberance?

Telekinetic Force: This is it's own mechanic, and it doesn't scale. Perhaps 100 lbs. per Telekinetic level? Which is like levitate.

All for One: this just has me confused, it scales like sneak attack, but says it damages the environment so is it for damaging objects like sunder? Or dealing damage to creatures?

Deflect Arrows: Good choice, seems thematically appropriate. Though I am curious about the Mythic version, what do you mean by tier? perhaps, half the Telekinetic's INT mod arrows per round?

Force Field: You didn't specify which versions of the spell effect are available, all of them? Is the caster level equal to the Telekinetic's class level? You also listed Force Field Mythic in the chart at level 18 but didn't specify what that means or does.

Fly: Level 16 seems a bit late for an at-will fly which I assume has a duration of just the round? So it has to be used as your move action every round? Might I suggest moving that down to somewhere in the level 9-12 range otherwise a Telekinetic that wants to use flying as a tactical option will just get a magic item to do so before level 16. Also is this fly as the spell? Or a fly speed (ie. twice the Telekinetic's land speed)?

One thing I would suggest considering, is possibly giving the Telekinetic Spell-like abilities that duplicate the various Bigby's hand spells either with uses per day, that grow or at-will at the higher levels. Also I was thinking about the Force Field Mythic power, what about having it duplicate the Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere spell? At 18th level it would certainly make a Telekinetic hard to injure if he surrounds himself with it. You could always make it self-only if you think it's too powerful to be given it's full suite of targeting options.

So those are my thoughts on your new class, all told I think the idea is excellent, just a few areas that could use a polish or expanded explanation as detailed above. Tunganation (talk) 18:50, 23 December 2014 (UTC)

== Reply ==
Class skills: I didn't want to give too many class skills in case I was making the class op, but I'll add craft and search :D The mind fingers thing is essentially what TK can do. I'm not well versed on D&D rules so I don't know about that spontaneous search you mentioned.
Proficiencies: Since the TK will use their power I wanted to give them a drawback; I think the TK powers are strong, so this lack of proficiencies was the 'downside', but I can add in simple :)
TK Thrust: The TK Strength is mainly for lifting capacity - able to, later on, lift larger enemies etc - the damage comes from throwing things at enemies / throwing enemies at walls or each other, the All For One adding damage dice onto those attacks. Dropping bigger things on enemies does 1/25lbs or 1d6/25lbs, so the TK Strength upgrades are for later, for dropping boulders on enemies for huge damage, if those boulders etc are present and within throwing range of enemies
TK Strength: I'm not 100% sure how carrying capacity works, since the table had three sections, but this is mainly a number to use to determine what kind of enemies / environmental items the TK can lift/throw e.g. wagons, boulder, bulky enemy etc.
TK Force: I was gonna make this follow the Lbs of the rest of the TK attacks - probably didn't explain that well enough. The bolded TK mechanics are global for all TK powers really - the capacity, range etc etc.
All For One: Instead of lifting X arrows and shooting them all at an enemy this class throws single things at a time for big damage (Like Carrie, sort of XD) So this add's damage dice whenever a TK attack is made, like throwing a stone at an enemy / throwing an enemy into a wall / dropping a wall onto enemy. I scaled it with sneak attack to try and not make it uber over the top damage...
Deflect Arrows: I'm not sure what tier means - that's what it said on the page I found the feat on; I assume it means class level, so I'll change that. Or just make it INT modifier arrows, as that seems like less procs per round (?)
Force Field: Basically its the exact same spell as the sorcerer/wizard, except at a longer range, but only lasts while concentration is applied. Should've specified that. The mythic version is the same just a more durable wall (I think, again I'll specify)
Fly: Honestly this was just put in at the first 'dead' level I had after putting in the other feats and stuff :\ I wanted to avoid dead levels...
Your suggestion about giving other stuff like TK sphere and such could help with that dead level thing...I'm just weary of making the class OP because of the damage it can do every turn coupled with its ability to drop HEAVY things on enemies for tons of damage, and then the All For One die on top...... EDIT: I also don't like the thought of a sustained ability like that; this class I want to feel more like Carrie, or Chronicle, where floating is more or less the only sustained effect with everything else being throwing stuff.
But, thank you for your quick review! I so so greatly appreciated the feedback and welcome any more! - SylverPhoenix (talk) 11:27, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

Mild Edit[edit]

Removed hover and stepped some level bonuses down a notch. —Preceding unsigned comment added by SylverPhoenix (talkcontribs) at

Added use psionic device —Preceding unsigned comment added by SylverPhoenix (talkcontribs) at

Added telekinetic attack bonuses to telekinetic strength and mind over matter - as the telekinetic doesn't wield weapons they will not gain any enhancement bonuses to attack. This is an attempt to compensate. SylverPhoenix (talk) 12:14, 26 December 2014 (UTC)

The changes look good. The old version of the class was really a one-trick pony. This has broader appeal, fly at will at level 6 is a powerful incentive to play the class, without being OP. There is the dead level at 18, perhaps something new to fill that gap? Just as a suggestion what would you think of something like this: With greater prowess and practice, the Telekinetic gains finer control over the objects around him. At level 18 the Telekinetic gains the ability to use Shrink Item, and Heat Metal as Psi-like Abilities at will with a manifester level equal to class level. Tunganation (talk) 21:12, 26 December 2014 (UTC)
I added in heat metal :) the dead level was annoying me too xD SylverPhoenix (talk) 21:56, 26 December 2014 (UTC)