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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Sets various semantic properties for 3.5e classes.


{{3.5e Class Data
|summary=<!-- A short description of your class. This will show up on the class navigation page. -->
|length=<!-- The length of your class. Most base classes are 20 levels long. -->
|minlevel=<!--  The minimum level you can qualify for this class. -->
|bab=<!-- Choose one of: Good, Moderate, Poor, Other. -->
|fort=<!-- Choose one of: Good, Poor, Other. -->
|ref=<!-- Choose one of: Good, Poor, Other. -->
|will=<!-- Choose one of: Good, Poor, Other. -->
|ability=<!-- Choose one or more of: Prepared Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Arcane Spellcasting, Prepared Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Divine Spellcasting, Alternate Magic, Psionics, Invocations, Martial Maneuvers, Sneak Attack, Bardic Music, Skirmish, or Other. If multiple abilities apply, separate them with commas. -->]]
|progression=<!-- Choose one of: Full, Partial, Minor, Separate, Other. If the class has multiple abilities with different progressions, choose Other. -->
|align=<!-- remove and of the following alignments if they are not allowed for the class :lg, ng, cg, ln, n, cn, le, ne, ce-->

Any parameter may be removed without affecting the semantic data of the class. Several fields should be removed if alternate semantic set methods are in use in the page, as in the simple class table templates.