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Used on magic item pages if an Artificer can replicate the item using the Artificer Infused Items - Replicate Magic Item feature.


{{5e Replicated Magic Item
|artificer canon=

Optional Entries[edit]

|select item= <!--if the article describes more than one item, which item-->


{{5e Replicated Magic Item
|refs=<ref>{{Cite Pub|Foo's Guide to Nothing|pages=33}} Licensed: [[Public Domain]].</ref>
|prerequisite=2nd-level {{5eplc|Artificer}}
|artificer canon= <!--set to true if from published source-->


Artificer Replication [1] 

This item can be replicated by Artificers using the Infuse Item — Replicate Magic Item ability. When replicated the following apply: Artificer Infused Magic Item
Prerequisite: 2nd-level artificer
Item: Bar (requires attunement)