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Beyond the Moons errata
Sentence crossing from page 20-21
When there was no response, Teldin threw the cloak over his shoulder and hobbled to where the trooper lay.
Sentence crossing from page 21-22
After a quick check on his prisoner, Teldin approached the burning ship only to have a wave of heat drive him back.
Sentence crossing from page 22-23 (previous sentence added for claritiy)
Teldin could see that it was a strange substance, almost flesh. The fin's thick ribs quivered when he touched them, and the stench of roasted meat that rose from the charred membranes was nauseatingly heavy.
Sentence crossing from page 25-26
"What in all the Dark Queen's Abyss happened-" Liam abruptly stopped, his eyes goggling at the enormous, bound prisoner and the slight corpse on the ground "-here?" he squeeked out at last.