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Hello everybody,

Larry Vela here the owner of BoLS Interactive.

I wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of and say a few words.

First Off, Who Are We?

We are internet publishers who specialize in the RPG and tabletop gaming world. We currently run, and We started publishing in 2006 and are always trying to find great related sites to bring into our network of gaming sites.

What's the Plan?

We are extremely excited to bring dnd-wiki into the fold and have high hopes for it's future. We want to start slowly and let the community know that we have no fundamental changes planned for the site. We love it's content and consider it an invaluable resource for D&D players that should only be expanded. As Surgo noted, have no fears of anything being removed, especially the fantastic Homebrew sections. Far from it, we only want to bring more content onto the wiki to make it a more useful resource for the community.

We have already begun to interlink our other websites with which should have a big impact on the site's inbound traffic. We are now using the site commonly as our "default d&d reference" for our RPG content that is being published on other network sites. You can see an example of this here from Bell of Lost Souls: Realm Guide Faerun We will also be considering dnd-wiki a "sister site" to and will heavily cross-promote it via d20srd's facebook page and other social media channels. All of this over time will greatly increase dnd-wiki's online exposure and bring a lot of new readers and users to the site.

Places to Help

You all are the experts so go on doing what you have been doing. That said, we have some areas of the site we would like to see the community help with to get us a foundation that can be built on over time.

  • Complete SRDs - These are well underway and having a full set that includes 5e is a fantastic one-stop shop for readers.
  • Extend the Publication Section - We want the site to begin to fulfill the role of a master reference library for all official D&D publications over the years. We request that the community helps to grow and expand the Canon section, both the Encyclopedia and Publication sub-categories. In particular, we would like to have a section dedicated to modules (we know - there are a LOT), and easy templates for them to be added/imported into the wiki. Secondarily our experience with has told us that images are very important to users, so we would request the addition of cover images to the pages of all official D&D publications, within reasonable fair-use size limitations.

That's it for now and by all means shoot with any questions and concerns. I really am excited about being part of the dnd-wiki family!