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My Sandbox[edit]

Because everyone likes sandcastles.

User:FiddleSticks96/Libris Vampiricus (3.5e Sourcebook) <-- Vampire sourcebook

User:FiddleSticks96/FS96 Sandbox:Items <-- Rework Mail of Invincibility and reformat everything.

User:FiddleSticks96/FS96 Sandbox:Vampire <-- My sourcebook in progress.

User:FiddleSticks96/FS96 Sandbox:Classes <-- Exactly as it says on the tin.

User:FiddleSticks96/FS96 Sandbox:Maiden of the Crow <-- A little overpowered even for Wizard Tier. Need to fix this.

User:FiddleSticks96/FS96 Sandbox:Experiment with tables <-- Remember to ask for this page to be deleted.

About Me[edit]

I'm just a God fearing christian who loves D&D. Haters gonna hate and players gonna keep roll'n those dice. Everybody wins.