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About me[edit]

Hi, my name is Alex.

I'm a geology major, currently slaving at a degree.

I can be found at the Gaming Den under the name of Maxus. I sometimes write material, but I can't turn on when the creative mood happens.

If you want to talk shop or just talk, my AIM is Scrinnameless.

So Far[edit]

A lot of times, I write classes because I just get something niggling at me after I've played a game or watched a TV show. So I experiment and try to see if I can convert it...

Dragoon I was replaying Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. An homage to Final Fantasy's Dragoons!

Drunken Master ...yes, I watched Legend of Drunken Master, dug out the D&D book to look at the D&D class, and came away unsatisfied...So I wrote my own.

Mummies needed some more love.

Mummy Paragon

Mummy Lord!

Insightful Strikers (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Some Fiendish feats:

Hard Freeze


Projectile Vomiting (Acid)



Bat Out of Hell

Agony Caress

Evil Eye

Current Projects[edit]

I'm putting up some of Koumei's work.

So far:

Golem-Knight of Mechanus


Crusader of the Elemental Forces



To come:


Other Knight PrCs.

Warmage (not relishing this one. It will be a lot of work, but it should be worth it...)