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Rule Variants[edit]

The following variant rules will be used for one-shots:

  • Characters begin with a Box of Alchemical Exchange in their inventory. It has been stamped with the symbol of the Clergy of Queastus.
  • Characters of 1st and 2nd level count as 3rd level for the purpose of hit points and hit dice.
  • Delay
  • Drinking a potion or applying an oil or poison is a bonus action or action.
  • Healing Surges (DMG 266). When players use a healing surge, they take the Dodge action at the same time.
  • Magic Missile - The damage of each missile is rolled separately and additional damage affects only one missile.
  • Reach
    • Creatures within reach of an enemy (not only within 5') have disadvantage on ranged attacks.
    • Melee attacks are always considered adjacent for getting advantage vs. prone targets.
    • Moving away from a creature is considered leaving its reach.
  • Recurring Saves
  • Surprise Rounds

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