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Rule Variants[edit]

The following variant rules will be used for one-shots:

  • Characters begin with a Box of Alchemical Exchange in their inventory. It has been stamped with the symbol of the Clergy of Queastus.
    Consumable items may be fed to the box instead of gold, converting at the rate delineated in the table at the bottom of this page.
  • If a character is killed, they can pay the normal resurrection fee to be revived during the one-shot after 1 minute has passed.
  • Vitality Reserve
  • You can only assist on a skill check if you both have proficiency in that skill
  • Reach:
    • Creatures within reach of an enemy (up to a maximum of 20 feet away) have disadvantage on ranged attacks.
    • Melee attacks are always considered adjacent for getting advantage vs. prone targets.
    • Moving away from a creature is considered leaving its reach.
  • Opportunity attacks may be replaced with an attempt to grapple the fleeing creature.
  • Identifying Creatures
  • Recurring Saves
  • Surprise Rounds
  • Creatures no longer have legendary resistances. Instead, a creature with legendary actions can attempt to remove a single effect on themselves by spending their action or legendary action to make the save again, even while incapacitated.
  • Delay
  • Drinking a potion or applying poison can be done as a bonus action or as an action.
  • Rolling a natural 1 on a death save doesn't apply two failed saves. It's a very silly rule.
  • Devastating Downs
  • Nets cause the hindered condition instead of restrained.

Tier-Specific Rules[edit]

  • Tier 1 Quests: Characters of 1st and 2nd level count as 3rd level for the purpose of hit points and hit dice, and all characters regain a 1st-level spell slot at the end of each combat encounter.
  • Tier 2+ Quests: It's not fun for players to give up character gold, and other currency often isn't impactful in a one-shot environment. Due to this, sometimes creatures may request consumables or spell slots in exchange for their services as part of the adventure, which is something that should be kept in mind when applying for my games.
  • Tier 4+ Quests: You can bring no more than four Tier 1 magic items, three Tier 2 magic items, three Tier 3 magic items, and one Tier 4 magic item into the one-shot with you. If you are level 20+, you can instead bring one Tier 5 magic item instead of one Tier 4 magic item. You can "downgrade" an item to its counterpart in a lower tier. For example, you could downgrade a Weapon +3 to a Weapon +2 and bring a different Tier 5 item with you.
    Note: the Vestiges/Arms (EGW artifacts) count as the tier of their most recent upgrade (as opposed to the tier they were purchased in).
    Consumables: you can only bring one Tier 5 Major consumable with you.

Box of Alchemical Exchange[edit]

Consumable to Gold Conversion
Tier Gold
Tier 1 Minor 50
Tier 1 Major 100
Tier 2 Minor 100
Tier 2 Major 200
Tier 3 Minor 200
Tier 3 Major 300
Tier 4 Minor 300
Tier 4 Major 400
Tier 5 Minor 400
Tier 5 Major 500