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Grimoire-ifying 4e:

Rewrite classes. 3 types: heavy (heavy armor), medium (light armor), light (casters/no armor)

3 stats: Body, agility, savvy.

  • Choose a primary stat at 1st level, that stat gains +1 at every odd level after that except for 1st and 19th.
  • Choose a secondary stat at 1st level, that stat gains +1 at level 5 and every 4 levels afterwards.
  • 16 should be the norm for a high stat. Make 17 and 18 really hard to get.
  • Ability scores do double duty: Body - HP+Fort, Agility - AC + Ref, Savvy - Will+Social combat maneuvers (as per simplified social stuff)

Non-AC attacking Attacks are 7 + mod + 1/2 level. Proficiency bonus for all weapons is reduced by 1

  • Want to add a "Weapon Focus" system for weapons - unlocks new options specifically to a specific weapon.

Classes gain armor profs if they have the ability scores to use them. Have a feat that gives you effective +4 to stat for the purpose of armor.

Classes are split into paths, 4 levels long. Game is 20 levels long, 5 paths total. Characters are split into tiers, A, B, C, D, E for now. Feats/PrCs can be based on what tier you are.

  • Classes are self-contained subsystems. Need to follow a path all the way to get it higher. Can take a tier of a class 2 tiers lower (minimum A) at higher levels
    • Example char: Rogue A, Rogue B, Rogue C, Fighter B, Soulknife C
  • Classes are probably 5 paths long. After 5 paths, you go into a "PrC" or multiclass. So Rogue C would become Shadow Assassin A.
    • PrCs can have skill requirements; for example, "Shadow Assassin" might require 3 paths in classes that have Thievery as a trainable skill.

Idea - people can have any number of powers known via multiclassing, classes, and the like, but can only "ready" 3+ or 4+tier powers, which they use their specific class ability to regain, and can't regain more than one per round from different classes?

2 types of armor, light and heavy. Light allows adding agility to the score, heavy doesn't.

  • 2 types of heavy and light armor, require a feat to take. "Normal" and "best". Best gives +1 to all defenses. No stupid MLARGH armors. They're stupid.
  • Regular light armor gives 5 armor. Regular heavy armor gives 7 armor.
    • Heavy armor gives +1 AC at level 5 and another +1 every 4 levels afterwards (9, 13, 17)

Cut monster HP in half

Multiply weapon damage at certain levels. Balance two-handers with power attack vs. twfers who have bonuses from other sources (medium classes). Sword-and-boarders get bonus to all defenses.

+1 magic enhancement to Defenses (including AC) and attacks at level 3, and another +1 every 4 levels (7, 11, 15, 19)

Each class gets a bonus when they use their second wind? (Scales based on number of class levels) Perhaps make this into a feat, then advance by trees. Create role-specific trees? Advance by tiers, following your classes, switching between? Need to think about it.

Rather than 1 HP, minions have 6 + 2*level HP

Defenses (not AC) are 13 + 1/2 level + ability score mod + magic + class bonus. +1 at levels 8 and 16.

Attacks can use body OR agility


  • Priest (Controller)
  • Mageblade (Defender)
  • Elementalist (Striker)
  • Warblade (Striker)
  • Swordsage (Controller)
  • Crusader (Defender)
  • Fighter (Defender)
  • Paladin (Defender)
  • Marshal (Controller) - gains points based on how many allies are within X squares?
  • Wizard (Controller)
  • Toxinblade (Defender)
  • Rogue (Striker)
  • Soulknife (Striker)
  • Monk (Striker)
  • Sharpshooter (Controller)
  • Berserker (Striker)
  • Ranger (Striker)
  • Mobile Striker?

HP is equal to 18 + body score + level * x.

  • X is 2 for light classes, 3 for medium classes, 4 for heavy classes.

Gain a bonus equal to 1/2 level DCs (magical attacks) and defenses.

Heavy classes gain +2 BAB to attacks. Medium classes get +1 BAB, +1 provisional bonus (stacks). Light classes get +1 provision bonus to attacks.

Feat ideas (gain feats as per 4e)

  • Shift as a minor action (tier A)
  • Move 1/2 speed as a minor action (tier C)
  • Gain best armor prof (requires ability scores) (Tier A)
  • Count as being one path higher on a class, up to your tier? (Tier C?)
  • Power Attack that doesn't suck (Tier A)
  • +2 to attacks made with a secondary ability score (Tier C)
  • TWF - can make a basic attack with a light weapon in your offhand as a move action?
  • Shifting Defense - immediate reaction to being attacked to gain a feat bonus to defense equal to # of enemies adjacent
  • Doubting Defense - whenever someone misses you, gain +1 (stacking) feat bonus to that defense, reseting at the beginning of your turn
Not-Allowable feats


  • Armor Proficiencies (changed)
  • Backstabber?
  • Distracting Shield?
  • Expanded Spellbook?
  • Ferocious Strike?
  • Group Insight?
  • Improved Dark One's Blessing
  • Improved Fate of the Void
  • Improved Misty Step
  • Inspired Recovery
  • Lethal Hunter?
  • Nimble Blade
  • Potent Challenge
  • Shield Push?
  • Two-Weapon Defense
  • Two-Weapon Fighting (Changed - uses light blades, basic attack as a move action)