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Zeboim is goddess of the seas, storms, and strife. Her moods change with the storm, being calm one minute and in a violent rage the next. Zeboim is perhaps the most unpredictable of all the gods. Zeboim is twin to Nuitari, and the daughter of Takhisis and Sargonnas. Of all the gods, she detests Habbakuk the most. She feels that she should have sole domain over the sea, where he has dominion over sea creatures.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Other Names: Baizia the Fierce (Khur) Darkling Sea Dragon Turtle Maelstrom (Mithas) Rann (Ergoth) Sea Witch Zai (Imperial League) Zebyr Jotun (Abanasinian Plainsmen, Icereach) Zura (Sea Elves) Zyr (Tarsis)

Symbol: Turtle shell pattern, spiked turtle shell

Celestial Symbol: The constellation Dragon Turtle

Portfolio: Oceans, storms, tempests, weather, undead sea races, jealousy, spite, strife

Common Aspects: A giant sea turtle or dragon turtle with a human female face; a beautiful, slender and capricious woman with green-black hair, silk robes and electric blue eyes surrounded by rain and lightning; a ferocious shark-woman;

Colors: Seafoam Green and Red

Zeboim is said to be mother of Ariakan, the son of Ariakas. She raised the isle that Storm's Keep rests on from the deeps to serve as the headquarters of the Knights of Takhisis during the Chaos War. After the Chaos War and her son's death, she had condemned Ausric Krell to become a death knight, where he would be trapped in Storm's Keep forever. However in 422 AC, when she encountered the mortal Mina, she gave the girl her blessing to ultimately defeat Krell and aided her. Mina apparently defeated Krell and left Storm's Keep, however it was only afterwards that Zeboim realised she had been duped and that Krell had not been destroyed and that Mina was a disciple of Chemosh.

Realising the duplicity of Mina, Zeboim then recruited the monk Rhys Mason to track down Mina and to attempt to ruin the plots of Chemosh. The goddess aided Rhys on numerous occasions, before learning that Chemosh contained the soul of her son Ariakan in a khas piece, which had since been given to Ausric Krell, who was located in Storm's Keep once more. Zeboim swore to free Ariakan from his prison, but was forced to play Chemosh's game for the time being, supporting him in taking over the dark pantheon.

At the behest of Zeboim, the kender Nightshade Pricklypear and the former monk Rhys Mason journeyed to Storm's Keep, where they tricked Ausric Krell and recovered the Ariakan khas piece. The adventurers returned the khas piece to Zeboim, although the goddess raged that she was unable to restore her son to his former form. Chemosh then contacted Zeboim, asking her aid in rescuing Mina from Nuitari, in return for restoring Ariakan's soul so he could live once more. The goddess sought out the Tower of the Blood Sea, where her twin was holding Mina and threatened to destroy the tower. Nuitari reluctantly released Mina into Zeboim's care, rather than see his tower destroyed. The goddess took Mina briefly to New Ports, to introduce Mina to her monk Rhys Mason, before returning her to the arms of Chemosh, and getting Ariakan's soul released. Zeboim then appeared to Mina at Castle Beloved, and gave her a set of black pearls, telling her they would grant her heart's desire, before vanishing once more.

On learning that Rhys Mason had forsaken her and returned to worshipping Majere, the goddess appeared in the Shrine of Zeboim and confronted her former monk. She demanded information about Mina and her origins, however Rhys was unable to comply. In punishment, she left him and his companions chained and stranded in her grotto. Zeboim then travelled to a distant temple of Majere, where she faced the god and tried to learn the secret of Mina from him. However Majere offered her nothing and she left in a huff. She would soon learn with her fellow gods that Mina was in truth a god herself. The goddess appeared genuinely upset that harm may befall Mina and even offered to take her beneath the waves and care for her as her own daughter... an offer which all the other gods were certain had ulterior motives. She then swore an oath with her fellow gods to not harm, seduce or try to sway Mina at all, but leave her to her own devices. Zeboim then appeared to Rhys Mason once more, only to learn that Mina was travelling with him, in the guide of a six year old girl. The goddess left in a huff, when Mina wanted nothing to do with her however. Although she later reappeared and told Mina she could use her powers to speed walk to Solace and further her journey, deciding to help the girl once more and showing her affection.

In 426 AC, Zeboim began plotting with her Mahkwahb followers to acquire all three known Impaling Thrones and flood the world with water.

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