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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Hexblade.

Hexblade Spells

1st-Level Hexblade Spells

Ink Blot: Splash enemies with sticky ink and reveal their position.

Ink Splash: Coalesce a blob of ink and then shoot it as an arrow.

Witch's Warts: A nasty spell, that makes the target grow gross warts on their face and body, making it hideous to most.

2nd-Level Hexblade Spells

Grave's Chill: Call the coldness of the grave upon your enemies.

Shadow Haunter: You turn into a shadow and can do cool stuff.

Suffocating Darkness: Darkness thickens and suffocates.

Witchslap: If a creature approaches you from afar, you slap them out of the way.

3rd-Level Hexblade Spells

Jitsuko's Cursed Snakes: You summon two snakes which bite a target and carry a deadly venom.

Mortality Hex: Curse your target to unhealing

Rain of 1000 Arrows: Shoot a projectile into the air and obliterate a battlefield with a single arrow.

4th-Level Hexblade Spells

Ray of Darkest Desires: A ray which greatly amplify evil and negative emotions.

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