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Mundane Trade Goods[edit]

Name Cost Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Aeon Parchment 100 gp Semi-magical paper which can endure the elements.
Biosteel 6g The effects of a mad scientist attempting to fuse biology with metalurgy, biosteel is a gel-like metallic substance which shows signs similar to biological life.
Coldstone 50g A strange crystal that absorbs heat and emits waves of magical energy.
Crate 20gp Your Start to Crate rating just solidified.
Darklight Ore 150g This dark gray stone is radioactive, making it dangerous to handle.
Depleted Darklight Ore 700g With its radioactive properties stabilized, darklight ore proves to be a durable heavy metal in its own right.
Gunpowder 150 gp Gunpowder is a volatile pyrotechnic composition of sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate. Hence, it derives its explosive power from mundane means.
Hot Ice 50g A strange crystal that releases heat and emits waves of magical energy.
Moonshimmer Sand 10g Mystical sand found on rare and enchanted beaches, it glows under the darkness of a new moon.
Opibiotic Cream 750g An edible creamy substance which causes the eater to enter a state of hibernation.
Plad Discs Various In the depths of space, intergallatic trades pay for goods in plads.
Plasmite 50g A curiously warm and plastic black stone, it is believed to be a strange exotic matter degenerated from normal materials, and denying normal physical properties.
Prism Stone 1 sp A small shiny stone which, when broken, emits light.
Punch Card 10 gp This sturdy sheet covered in holes contains preprogrammed instructions for digital machines of all kinds.
Radioactive Gem 10 gp (green), 50 (blue), 100 (yellow), 200 (red), 500 (purple), 1000 (orange) A glowing gem, popular as currency
Refined Darklight Rod 6000g Radioactive rods used for nuclear technologies, forged from Darklight Ore.
Solar Eaters 50g Spaceborne creatures which are farmed and used for many interstellar dishes.
Solarite Crystallized remnants of ancient supernovas, and an incredibly potent source of fuel.
Turpentine 250 gp This alchemical concoction reacts quite violently when released, and can be used to set objects and weapons ablaze.

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