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Sacrifices are used by the Gate Knight.

Name Level Description
Aetherion Shaper Entropic Wanderer Greater You learn to shape the caustic energy of Aetherion.
Blackest Terror Gate Knight Lesser You project a baleful aura of terror around your body out to 60 ft.
Call Death Gate Knight Greater You duplicate the effect of Finger of Death.
Corrupt Breaker Gate Knight Least As a swift action, you wrap your weapon in dark flame and may ignore up to 2 points of hardness per level (maximum 20 at caster level 10) when striking objects.
Crossing the Black Sea Gate Knight Greater You gain the ability to Shadow Walk as per the spell.
Dark Road Gate Knight Lesser They lift you aloft, giving wings to your feet and allowing you to Air Walk as per the spell. You also gain the benefit of the Run feat while using this.
Dark Sustenance Gate Knight Least You do not need to eat, drink, or breath while under the effects of Dark Sustenance, as you draw energy from life around you instead.
Death's Stride Gate Knight Least With some of your essence shifted into the ethereal, you gain a +10 bonus to your speed in light or no armor and when less than medium encumbrance. In addition, you may make spot and listen checks against ethereal creatures, and you may levitate over the ground for 1 round.
Deathseek Gate Knight Greater With this sacrifice, you may duplicate the effects of either Circle of Death or Undeath to Death.
Debilitator Gate Knight Lesser As ray of exhaustion, except it also alleviates your own fatigue.
Delay Demise Gate Knight Lesser You do not die unless your hp is reduced to −20 (or −10 if you're an undead or construct). If you have the Undying Rage feature, its DC is reduced by 10.
Destrato Gate Knight Dark The Gate is a source of endless power. For every death in the world, another mote of power swells behind the Gate. After eons, it blazes like the sun itself, a terrible frothing destruction waiting for release.
Dreamweaver Gate Knight Lesser
Entropic Ray Entropic Wanderer Least This Sacrifice allows you to turn your Entropic Blow into a ray.
Entropic Slice Entropic Wanderer Lesser You can release your Entropic Blow as a blast of time-shredding energy.
Eraser Gate Knight Dark
Essence Vampire Entropic Wanderer Greater You learn to steal an enemy's Essence.
Eye of the Gate Gate Knight Greater
Fatal Knowledge Gate Knight Lesser
Form of Death Gate Knight Dark
Fracture Timeline Entropic Wanderer Greater You can fray your victim's connection with time.
Gatebound Fate Entropic Wanderer Greater You link the Gates of many foes together, causing them to suffer equally from time's embrace.
Ghost Shell Gate Knight Dark
Grim Aura Gate Knight Least
Hear/See the Beyond Gate Knight Least
Hidden Gates Gate Knight Least
Inevitability Gate Knight Lesser
King of the Dead Gate Knight Lesser
Life For Life Gate Knight Greater
Life's/Death's Edge Gate Knight Least
Lifeshaver Gate Knight Dark
Linked Gates Entropic Wanderer Least By tying your Gate to that within another being's, you link your vitality with your victim's.
Locked Gate Gate Knight Dark
Manifest Hole Gate Knight Dark
Masochist Strength Gate Knight Greater
Pull of Darkness Gate Knight Greater
Shadow's Hunger Gate Knight Least
Sight Beyond Sight Gate Knight Lesser
Soul Eater Gate Knight Greater
Soul Edge Gate Knight Dark Convert your damage to vile damage and heal yourself whenever you kill a foe, but at the expense of becoming a bit more fragile.
Soul Knowledge Gate Knight Greater
Soul Power Gate Knight Least
Speed Of Death Entropic Wanderer Least You can steal time from the future to bring death to your foes.
Steal Time Entropic Wanderer Lesser You slow an opponent, using the time stolen to speed yourself up.
Summon The Gate Gate Knight Dark
Swift Death Gate Knight Least Speed up by leaving fragments of your life behind.
Terror Voltage Gate Knight Greater You release electricity from your body, shocking all nearby.
Vampiric Soul Gate Knight Lesser
Violator Gate Knight Greater
Walking Beyond the Gate Gate Knight Least
Wall Of Entropy Entropic Wanderer Lesser You create a wall of unstable time, rapidly decaying anything that passes through it.
Wight's Touch Gate Knight Lesser

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