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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 10/4/2017
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Essence is an in-between to Negative and Positive energy, the energy of the soul itself. It can be used to harm, and to heal. Targets immune to negative levels or energy drain are immune to Essence damage, as are any creatures lacking a soul (most constructs and undead).

Effects that deal Essence damage are typically purple in color, creating a ghostly violet effect halfway between flames and mist, like a highly-energetic liquid. Essence damage is most often expressed in d10s, and generally allows a Will save for half in addition to any other saves.

Targets struck by Essence effects lose 10 XP per point of Essence damage taken. XP damage taken in this manner is healed in the same manner as ability damage, restoring 100 XP per point of ability damage regained. If a creature takes enough XP damage to lower their level, they incur 1 negative level that doesn't go away until the XP damage is restored above the level threshold, but can never result in actual level loss.

Essence effects allow you to siphon the life force stolen by the Essence damage, adding it to your own. Mechanically, keep a running tally of the amount of Essence damage you've dealt each encounter. At the end of the encounter, multiply this number by 10. If the result is larger than the amount of XP you would've gained from the encounter, you gain that amount of XP instead. So for example, if you deal 34 points of Essence damage in an encounter that would've awarded 300 XP, you gain 340 XP instead.

Those slain by Essence damage cannot be raised or resurrected, as their soul is effectively trapped within the being who killed them with the Essence effect.

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