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Table: 4e Homebrew Races
Race Name Summary
Aasimar Aasimar are descendants and offspring of a once great angel race, cast down into mortalhood by a curse...
Anulo Ra'a, Sky Drow Variant The Anulo Ra'a Clan of Drow have pulled away from their evil Drow cousins, and now inhabit the skies of Nor Galad.
Aspatia Aspects of space itself bound into a humanoid shell. They are graceful but slow, a side effect of not fully existing in solely one place.
Azer The ancient ancestors of Dwarves corrupted by the elemental power of fire...
Azer, Variant Dwarves infused with the power of flame, servants of the great fire giants.
Derro Murderously insane and cruel, combining the worst qualities of human and dwarf.
Draegloth Draegloths are demons born of an unholy union between drow high priestesses and demons
Dragonborn, Variant
Dragonscarred Human-like figures driven mad by the powers of the dragons, the Dragonscarred are a result of a brutal calamity between man and beast.
Drow, Variant The chosen people of Lolth and the rulers of the Underdark.
Duck Moo!
Duergar, Andugr Vile tyrants, adapted to surviving in the harsh environment of the Underdark.
Dwarf, Variant Master craftsmen of iron and stone, unyielding as the rock of which they were forged.
Eijilund Plushies Living plushy toys with a loose grip on sanity.
Elf, Variant Immortal heroes and fair maidens; paragons of freedom all
Flowerchild Elves of the Fey, converted by mystical powers into half-plant beings. They are graceful creatures with great knowledge of the wild.
Genasi Living manifestations of the Elemental Chaos, beings of raw power and ordained rebellion.
Graveborn You have no recollection of your former life... it's hard enough clinging to the memories you've made since your return. Upon arriving in the Shadowfell, you were overcome by terrible fear of the Unknown. What if your deeds were not enough to save you from oblivion? What if all you believed was a lie and you were headed toward certain doom? Through sheer force of will, you clawed your way back into the natural world and out of your shallow grave - a survivor haunted by unspeakable terror.
Half-Drow The unfortunate offspring of the drow.
Half-Elf, Variant Children of elf and human blood, those of ageless immortality and tragic mortality
Halfling, Variant Half-grown hobbits, the hole-dwellers
Hu Child One born of the Deity Gods Hu and Fi. Formed without birth, in an adult body. Spirit and knowledge are recieved at their creation from their divine parents. Their material body is fashioned after the universal design of humans. They are cousins to the Human Race.
Human, Variant
Lion-Man The body of a hybrid, the heart of a lion, the spirit of a warrior
Oupal A race of pure minds with pure connections to the world around them. They are adept in the world of psionic energy and can also tap into the arcane and divine energies while sharing similar bonds with each other.
Outcast Demons and devils cast out of the dark; both half-blood children and disgraced fiends.
Rat-Man Silent and lethal, nothing stops those born in the shadows.
Sorajin The Sorajin are a rare race of shapechanging demons. They live under a feudal government, and are the progenitors of any humanoid with the "Demonic Ancestry" feat.
Spydric-Ones The tainted; those who have the arachania flowing through their veins.
Twilight Elf Powerful warriors, archenemy of the Drow, and the chosen of Corellon.
Vampire Beings which long for the scent and taste for blood from those that walk, they are stealthy, intricate creatures-- manipulative and lethal in their attempts to subdue their enemies, wherever they may lurk.

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