Anulo Ra'a, Sky Drow Variant (4e Race)

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Author: Liosrakia (talk)
Date Created: 08-09-2011
Status: Complete, but will add more.
Editing: Don't
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This race is designed for the campaign Nor Galad

Anulo Ra'a, Sky Drow Variant[edit]

The Anulo Ra'a Clan of Drow have pulled away from their evil Drow cousins, and now inhabit the skies of Nor Galad.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'5-6'-1
Average Weight: 130-170
Ability Scores: 2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6, see Wing Burst (4e Power) squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Elven, choice of one other.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Stealth
Fey Origin<!-up to 6->: Your ancestors were native to the Feywild, so you are considered a fey creature for the purposes of effects that relate to creature origin.
Wing Burst: The wings on your back aren't just for show you know. You have the Wing burst Power.
Wing Burst
As you leap into the air, your wings propel you forward.
At-Will ✦ Martial
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You make an athletics check to make a vertical or horizontal jump.
Effect: Use your the higher of your charisma or dexterity modifier instead of strength modifier.You add 10 to the final roll of your athletics check. In addition, if making a horizontal jump, instead of jumping, you fly a number of squares equal to how many squares you would have jumped. You must land at the end of your turn or risk falling, or sustain Wing Burst with a new athletics roll.
Special: In non threatening combat situations, you can take 10 on your athletics check, and use Wing Burst as overland flight equal to the number of squares you normally would have jumped with that roll.

Play an Sky Drow if you want...

  • To be a master of the air
  • To be a apart of the clan Ra'a who have redeemed themselves from the darkness, and proven themselves stronger than the Dark Ones
  • To be a member of a race that favors the rogue,bard,sorcerer, warlock and wizard classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Anulo Drow are slightly taller than their cousins, but weigh about the same. Anulo drow typically have two colors on their body, in a pattern much simlalir to the deva, in which a light pattern, usually a pasty white, light purple, gray or light blue color are usually non-dominant, and the darker colors, which include ebony,dark brown,blue, and purple. There are rare instances of the light colors being dominant, but it's very very rare, and usually signifies something very important about the person. Queen Arana, the founder of the Ra'a rebellion, when redeemed, her skin turned dark brown, her hair black,her eyes were piercing blue, with pupils, with strips of pasty white purple running along her arms.

Playing an Sky Drow[edit]

The Sky Drow are not a reclusive race by nature: many are very outgoing and charismatic, in a very direct way, much unlike their dark Drow cousins. Although many Sky Drow still retain the sly and sneaky thinking, and skills Drow of all kind posses, many resent this side of themselves, and vow to use this power only for good. The sky drow are not Xenophobic either, although the way they shut their home to outsiders may seems like it- it is for protection of their people. Many Drow still continue to find ways to eradicate the "filth" of the sky drow from the world, and Githyanki mercenaries are commonly hired and a constant danger to all Sky Drow and their precious air cities.

Anulo Ra'a Characteristics:

Male Names: (Human, Elf, Drow, and Eladrin names)

Female Names: (Human, Elf, Drow, and Eladrin names)

Anulo-Ra'a Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Anulo-Ra'a adventurers are described below.

  • Mariele is a bard adventure, who wanders the land with her fellow heroes ridding the land of evil. She sings to the people of the majesties of the Sky Drow, to rid the superstitions of her people.
  • Cassi is sky drow Wizard/Rogue, who was brought up secretly in a remote town before seeking haven at an Wizard academy. Although she retains her human name, she has now discovered her true Sky Drow hertitage, and seeks out her people.

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