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5e Diseases[edit]

(10 official and unofficial diseases)

DiseaseTargetsIncubationPrimary EffectsSecondary EffectsDamage TypeCarriersSource
Blinding SicknessImmediatepain, reduced Wis checks and savesblindnessSRD5
Bluerot1-4 hoursboils, Con and Cha lossfever, tingling extremities, water breathingundeadGhosts of Saltmarsh
Cackle FeverHumanoids1-4 hoursfever, aches, exhaustionlaughter, incapacitationHumanoidsSRD5
Filth FeverImmediatefeverreduced Str checks, saves, and attack rollsSRD5
Flesh RotImmediateflesh decaydecreased Cha checks, vulnerable to damageSRD5
MindfireImmediatefever of the minddecreased Int checks and saves, confusionSRD5
SeizureImmediateshakingdecreased Dex checks, saves, and attack rollsSRD5
Sewer PlagueHumanoids1-4 daysfatigue, cramps, exhaustionrats, vermin, otyughsSRD5
Sight Rotbeast, humanoid1-4 daysreduced visionblindnessSRD5
Slimy DoomImmediatebleedingdecreased Con checks and saves, stunnedSRD5

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