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5th edition Pointer 
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Pointer → Player's Companion Elemental Evil

The Aarakocra is a race in 5th ed. described in the Player's Companion Elemental Evil.

Size: Medium
Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +2, Wisdom +1


Unofficial Description

Aarakocra are winged humanoids that can fly.

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Facts about "Aarakocra (5e)/Race"
Ability ModsDex +2 + and Wis +1 +
AuthorPlayer's Companion Elemental Evil +
Canontrue +
Dexterity+2 +
FeaturesFlight + and Talons +
Is Racetrue +
PublicationPlayer's Companion Elemental Evil +
SummaryAarakocra are winged humanoids that can fly. +
Wisdom+1 +