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"Lol Media" (3.5e Feat) +Use the power of teh internets, or whatever passes for it in your setting, to make yourself appear more knowledgeable than you really are.  +
"Smith", the Spymaster (3.5e Vestige) +A spymaster so good at concealing his identity he forgot himself.  +
10-Foot Pole Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +Wield a 10-foot pole as a weapon.  +
100 Female NPC Names (3.5e Other) +A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid female NPCs.  +
100 Fists (3.5e Feat) +Increase the number of attacks from flurry of blows.  +
100 Male NPC Names (3.5e Other) +A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid male NPCs.  +
100 Traits (3.5e Other) +A list of 100 character traits that's fairly different from the one in the DMG.  +
20 Misfortunes (3.5e Other) +20 curse-like effects to add some flavor to traps, curses or other bad stuff.  +
3.5e Cleric Domain Preload +<-- Summary of Domain -->  +
3.5e Enhancement Preload +Put a one-sentence summary of your enhancement here. This will appear on the page and in the navigation page.  +
3.5e Flaw Preload +<- Summary of trait ->  +
3.5e Grim Alterations +Line of darkness damages enemies, more damage if lights have been absorbed  +, Shadow on the ground causes those touching it to be slowed and damaged  +
3.5e Monster Instructions 2 +A giant orc creature covered in horn plates.  +
3.5e Trait Preload +<- Summary of trait ->  +
3D Maneuver Gear (3.5e Equipment) +3D maneuver gear is a belt of complex machinery, the 3D maneuver gear is a set of two-spring loaded grappling hooks that rapidly retract as well as pressurized gas powered jets for high speed movement. They provide "flight", provided there are surfaces to grapple onto.  +
3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +You can use [[3D Maneuver Gear (3.5e Equipment)|3D maneuver gear]] as more than just a pair of [[Hookshot (3.5e Equipment)|hookshots]].  +
50/50 (3.5e Feat) +You always have a 50% chance of defending.  +
50/50 Coin (3.5e Equipment) +A lucky coin that lets any game of chance be a 50% chance.  +
541 Special (3.5e Feat) +You gain five low feats for one.  +
5E Spelljammer (5e Campaign Setting) +This page is a conversion of the Spelljammmmer setting to 5E  +
5e Exotic Weapon +New weapon category for 5th edition  +
A Druid's Guide to Redwood Forests' Most Beautiful Places (3.5e Equipment) +A leather book about Redwood written by a local druid.  +
A Feast Unknown (3.5e Feat) +You have partaken of the feast most foul and count yourself a king among the ghouls.  +
A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body (3.5e Feat) +Use your Reflex save in place of your Fortitude save.  +
A Life For A Life (3.5e Spell) +You sacrifice one life for another.  +
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