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"Lol Media" +Use the power of teh internets, or whatever passes for it in your setting, to make yourself appear more knowledgeable than you really are.  +
"Smith", the Spymaster +A spymaster so good at concealing his identity he forgot himself.  +
10-Foot Pole Proficiency +Wield a 10-foot pole as a weapon.  +
100 Female NPC Names +A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid female NPCs.  +
100 Fists +Increase the number of attacks from flurry of blows.  +
100 Male NPC Names +A chart with 100 first and last names for humanoid male NPCs.  +
100 Traits +A list of 100 character traits that's fairly different from the one in the DMG.  +
20 Misfortunes +20 curse-like effects to add some flavor to traps, curses or other bad stuff.  +
3.5e Cleric Domain Preload +<-- Summary of Domain -->  +
3.5e Enhancement Preload +Put a one-sentence summary of your enhancement here. This will appear on the page and in the navigation page.  +
3.5e Flaw Preload +<- Summary of trait ->  +
3.5e Grim Alterations +Line of darkness damages enemies, more damage if lights have been absorbed  +, Shadow on the ground causes those touching it to be slowed and damaged  +
3.5e Monster Instructions 2 +A giant orc creature covered in horn plates.  +
3.5e Trait Preload +<- Summary of trait ->  +
3D Maneuver Gear +3D maneuver gear is a belt of complex machinery, the 3D maneuver gear is a set of two-spring loaded grappling hooks that rapidly retract as well as pressurized gas powered jets for high speed movement. They provide "flight", provided there are surfaces to grapple onto.  +
3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency +You can use [[3D Maneuver Gear (3.5e Equipment)|3D maneuver gear]] as more than just a pair of [[Hookshot (3.5e Equipment)|hookshots]].  +
50/50 +You always have a 50% chance of defending.  +
50/50 Coin +A lucky coin that lets any game of chance be a 50% chance.  +
541 Special +You gain five low feats for one.  +
5E Spelljammer +This page is a conversion of the Spelljammmmer setting to 5E  +
A Druid's Guide to Redwood Forests' Most Beautiful Places +A leather book about Redwood written by a local druid.  +
A Feast Unknown +You have partaken of the feast most foul and count yourself a king among the ghouls.  +
A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body +Use your Reflex save in place of your Fortitude save.  +
A Life For A Life +You sacrifice one life for another.  +
A Player's Guide to Roles in the Party +Sometimes, people can be confused about the different roles in D&D. They don't know what their place is, or think that the only way to be effective in combat is to kill the enemies as quickly as possible with no thought to depending on other characters or to cast spells that increase the combat effectiveness of their allies. This article helps people who don't quite understand what the different roles are to examine the three main archetypes of roles in a party, as well as some of the major variations of each one.  +
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