Aberrant Mind (5e)

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Aberrant Mind is a sorcerous origin of the sorcerer class described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.


Psionic Spells (1st level)
Telepathic Speech (1st level)
Psionic Sorcery (6th level)
Psychic Defenses (6th level)
Revelation in Flesh (14th level)
Warping Implosion (18th level)

Unofficial Description: These sorcerers tap power from the Far Realm

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Facts about "Aberrant Mind (5e)"
AuthorTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
Canontrue +
ClassSorcerer +
FeaturesPsionic Spells +, Telepathic Speech +, Psionic Sorcery +, Psychic Defenses +, Revelation in Flesh + and Warping Implosion +
PublicationTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
Subclasstrue +
SummaryThese sorcerers tap power from the Far Realm +