Bleeding Edge (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Character Options

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Most character options in Bleeding Edge are of the usual variety, with the only limitations on books and homebrew being up to the DM in question. Instead, this will cover particular flavor oriented feats, skills, flaws, and character options or their place inside the world.


Bleeding Edge focuses on the vampiric blades created by Vulpeculae, blood effects, and dark insight and madness. Thus the following feats are fitting for many PCs and NPCs in this world.


The only knew skill suggested for the Bleeding Edge campaign setting is Knowledge Xeno for its alien identification properties. However, most checks can probably be substituted with a Knowledge Arcana or Psionics checks at a higher DC.


If the DM chooses to add flaws, the recommendation is no more than two flaws. Otherwise, there are no significant changes here.

Substitution Levels[edit]

The following recommended racial substitution levels are suggested for Bleeding Edge.

  • Orcs, goblins, and other creatures from the Toho continent are suggested to use the aquatic, jungle, and water variants of their races due to their closeness towards jungle and sea-faring nature.
  • If you have any lizardfolk variants with a swim speed, alternatively you may instead grant them a burrow speed equal to half their swim speed.