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The only real organizations of Caelistis are the individual churches. Each of these entries shows the benefits for being a member of the church, as long with a small description of the church's members, dogma, and practices. Any abilities granted by affiliation are considered extraordinary unless stated otherwise. Under the listed benefits and titles are a small collection of ways to gain affiliation points. DMs may add or remove options from the lists as they see fit, and often players should gain affiliation points from completing significant quests for the church. If a character has shamed his church in some awful way or perhaps publicly denounces his god or otherwise purposefully act against his religion, they may lose affiliation points to represent the loss of favor among their church and the connection to their deity fading. Keep in mind that some affiliation benefits are balanced by the difficulty of gaining affiliation points for that church, so being too lenient with points can be unbalancing.

Any active abilities gained through affiliation points are considered supernatural for the purpose of being affected by things like anti-magic fields or feats.

Church of Agares[edit]

Church of Alloces[edit]

Church of Astaroth[edit]

Church of Bael[edit]

Church of Barbatus[edit]

Church of Caim[edit]

Church of Crocell[edit]

Church of Eligos[edit]

Church of Haage[edit]

Church of Naberius[edit]

Church of Orias[edit]

Church of Orobas[edit]

Church of Oze[edit]

Church of Paimon[edit]

Church of Phenex[edit]

Church of Sabnock[edit]

Church of Shax[edit]

Church of Sitri[edit]

Church of Valefar[edit]