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Gilthanas Kanan, elven prince of Qualinesti royal family, he is the older brother to Laurana and younger brother to Porthios. He is often called Gil by his friends. He was brought up to become a diplomat and spokesman for his people, and also became a skilled fighter and moderately skilled magic-user as well.
During the War of the Lance Gilthanas journeys with the Heroes of the Lance. Initially he shows hatred and distrust to Tanis Half-Elven, in part because Tanis left Laurana in tears by, essentially, dumping her. Gilthanas moves on to meet the Kagonesti elf Silvara and falls in love with her only to learn that she is in truth the silver dragon D'argent. Together they bring the silver dragons into the War of the Lance, but in the end he disappears. He reappears, saved by the Heroes of the Heart and joins them in Jean Rabe's Dragons of a New Age trilogy, where he reveals being a prisoner for the better part of the period after the War of the Lance.


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