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"The Ecology of the Yuan-Ti"

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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the histachii is a near mindless abomination. Once a human, it was transformed into a savage reptilian creature by the yuan-ti. It resembles a human, only with a hunched, malnourished form, and various reptilian features. These features include a patch of scales here and there, spikes down the back, a forked tongue, clawed or webbed feet, and sometimes a tail. They are feral, stupid, and mindless.

All histachii are created by the yuan-ti to act as lowly servants. They are usually made from unwilling human prisoners, but sometimes (though rarely) are made from willing yuan-ti worshipppers. Histachii are created by the drinking of a potion of yuan-ti venom mixed with various herbs and other ingredients. A worshipper will just drink it, but a resisting prisoner is pinned to the ground and has it forced down his throat. The potion either kills the victim, or causes them, over a cause of 7 to 12 days, to become a histachii. In addition to changing the victim to more a reptile than a human, the trasnformation is also highly painful, and tends to drain all sanity, will, emotions, sense, memories, thoughts and over such things from the victim. The resulting monster is nothing more than a horrendous pawn, used by the yuan-ti to guard brood chambers and tear apart those who would oppose the creatures. They are completely savage beings; they disembowel any non-reptilian creature they see with their teeth and claws unless otherwise instructed by the yuan-ti to do so. They are also mindless, and do whatever their masters tell them without hesitation. If by whatever reason Histachii becomes renegade, it is left in the wilderness to die, and usually expires in 20 to 80 days unless restored to a human via a wish.

Histachii are far too mindless to speak, and due to their lack of will, are regarded as neutral in alignment.


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