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This article is about the title and characters. For the novels, see: Kingpriest Trilogy

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The Kingpriest was ruler of the kingdom of Istar and the head cleric of Paladine. Known as Paladine's Voice on Krynn,[1] he has the power of church and state, he wears a Sapphire Tiara. The Kingpriest chooses his successor, a patriarch, from one on the many provinces of the empire, this is done to maintain the peace in the empire.[1]
The last and infamous wearer of the title was Beldinas Pilofiro, who incurred the wrath of the gods by becoming too zealous, and indirectly caused the Cataclysm.
In the alternate timeline laid out on the short story "There Is Another Shore, You Know...Upon The Other Side" (published in the anthology The Dragons of Chaos) he stole the powers of all the gods, leaving them powerless but unable to die, and tortured them.[2]

Past Kingpriests of Istar[edit]


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