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Miska the Wolf-Spider
Homeland: Pandemonium; formerly the Abyss
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 



This article is based on material by: 
This article is based on material by: 

Miska the Wolf-Spider is a demon lord and former holder of the title "Prince of Demons".

Publishing History[edit]

Miska the Wolf-Spider first debuted in the second edition adventure The Rod of Seven Parts, where the players went on an extended quest to recover and restore the fabled Rod and eventually confront Miska in his extraplanar prison. Miska's ultimate fate depends on the outcome of the adventure. Although Miska has not been officially updated for the game's third edition, he and the Queen of Chaos have been mentioned in Dungeon during the Age of Worms adventure path and in the book Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.


Miska the Wolf-Spider appears as a large armored spider with a four-armed human male torso. His human head is flanked on either side with the head of a snarling wolf. Miska is regarded by the spyder-fiends, a subrace of the tanar'ri who takes the form of wolf-headed spiders, as their god and patron.


In the early days of the multiverse, in the so-called Age Before Ages, the obyrith demon lord called The Queen of Chaos launched a war against the forces of Law. By brute force and threats of death and punishment, she rallied her fellow obyriths into a united front. To gain cooperation from the then-servitor race the tanar'ri, the Queen took as her lover and head general Miska the Wolf-Spider. The Queen went as far as to murder the then-Prince of Demons Obox-ob and bestow the title to her new consort.

Under Miska's command, the forces of Chaos were triumphant, taking over world after world, driving back the forces of Law, which were lead by the Vaati, known as the Wind Dukes. The Wind Dukes eventually fashioned an artifact to use against Miska known as the Rod of Law. On the battlefield of Pesh on the world of Oerth, the Wind Dukes defeated Miska, imprisoning him in Pandemonium and shattering the Rod into seven parts, effectively bringing the war to a stalemate. The Queen, to this day, looks for a way to free Miska to restart the war.


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