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The General 

Home Plane:

Infernal Battlefield of Acheron 

Power Level:



Lawful Evil 


War, Authority 


Greyhawk, Birthright

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In many campaign settings, Nomog-Geaya is the hobgoblin deity of war and authority and belongs to the 3rd Edition default list of deities. He is the patron deity of hobgoblins, but hobgoblins are also known to worship Maglubiyet.

Nomog-Geaya appears as a huge, powerful goblin with rough, ash-gray skin, cold orange eyes, and teeth like a shark’s. He almost always has his broadsword in one hand, and his hand axe in the other. He is said to have no expressions other than a grim, tight-lipped look of domineering authority. He is quiet and only speaks when he must.

Maglubiyet allows Khurgorbaeyag and Nomog-Geaya to live in his realm of Clangor on the plane of Acheron, to better keep an eye on them.


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