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Theros Ironfeld known for wearing the Silver Arm of Ergoth, when he lost his right arm while helping elves escape during the War of the Lance. He learnt the secrets of the dragonlances, and was able to forge them helping the forces of good over come the Dragon Highlords.

Theros blamed the elves for the death of his mother; his father blamed Theros, and as a result harbored a hatred for the entire race. Later on in life he came to realize that this was not true, as a result he attempted to atone this injustice by befriending any elf that would cross his path. Theros was a master blacksmith in the city of Sanction before the War of the Lance.

Early Life[edit]

Theros when he was at the age of ten ran away from home when minotaurs raided Theros's village. He offered himself as a slave to the minotaurs and worked in the galley of the Blatvos Kemas, under Captain Kavas.

War of the Lance[edit]

When the war started Theros was hired by Toede, a Fewmaster under Highlord Verminaard to create weapons for the Red Dragon Army. Theros made them but with flaws as to sabotage the Higlord's army. Some time later he was betrayed and lost his arm in a fight with Draconians. Goldmoon, being a new Cleric of Mishakal was able to heal him, but not restore him his arm. Later he acquired Silver Arm of Ergoth. It is said that the arm was created by the good dragons, men, elves and dwarves during the Third Dragon War. Using his new arm, and the Hammer of Kharas, Theros was able to take dragonmetal and forge the dragonlances.


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