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Complete Arcane
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: CAr 
Series: Hero Series 
Author: Richard Baker 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 179250000 
Publication Date: November 2004 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 192 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3435-2 
Price: $29.95 ; C$44.95
Product Blurb
Master Eldritch Secrets and Formidable Power

Myth and mystery surround those who wield the awe-inspiring might of arcane magic. Whether through ancient knowledge, innate talent, or supernatural gift, these formidable and versatile spellcasters command powers beyond measure.

This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to expand the power of arcane magic for characters of any class. Along with new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, monsters, and magic items, Complete Arcane provides guidelines for spell duels, arcane organizations, and other aspects of a campaign world imbued with magic.

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Name Page Number Description
Arcane Defense 73 Choose a school of magic, such as illusion. You can resist spells from that school better than normal.
Arcane Mastery 73 You are quick and certain in your efforts to defeat the arcane defenses and spells of others.
Arcane Preparation 73 You can prepare an arcane spell ahead of time, just as a wizard does.
Automatic Quicken Spell 191 You can cast any of your lesser spells with a moment's thought.
Automatic Silent Spell 191 You can cast any of your lesser spells silently.
Automatic Still Spell 191 You can cast any of your lesser spells without gestures.
Battle Caster 75 Building on your existing training allows you to avoid the chance of arcane spell failure when you wear armor heavier than normal.
Black Lore of Moil 75 Your study of the sinister knowledge and spellcasting techniques of the long-dead Nightlords of Moil makes your necromancy spells especially potent.
Born of the Three Thunders 76 You have learned to marry the power of lightning and thunder in your electricity and sonic spells.
Chain Spell 76 You can cast spells that arc to other targets in addition to your primary target.
Collegiate Wizard 181 You have undergone extensive training in a formal school for wizards.
Communicator 76 You possess a magical understanding of the essence of language.
Cooperative Spell 76 You can cast spells to greater effect in conjunction with the same spell cast by another individual.
Craft Contingent Spell 77 You know how to attach semipermanent spells to a creature and set them to activate under certain conditions.
Delay Spell 77 You can cast spells that take effect after a short delay of your choosing.
Double Wand Wielder 77 You can activate two wands at the same time.
Draconic Breath 77 You can convert your arcane spells into a breath weapon.
Draconic Claw 77 You develop the natural weapons of your draconic ancestors.
Draconic Flight 77 The secret of draconic flight is revealed to you, granting you the ability to fly occasionally.
Draconic Heritage 77 You have greater connection with your distant draconic bloodline.
Draconic Legacy 78 You have realized greater arcane power through your draconic heritage.
Draconic Power 78 You have greater power manipulating the energies of your heritage.
Draconic Presence 78 When you use your magic, your mere presence can terrify those around you.
Draconic Resistance 78 Your bloodline hardens your body against the energy type of your progenitor.
Draconic Skin 78 Your skin takes on the sheen, luster, and hardness of your draconic parentage.
Energy Admixture 78 You can modify a spell that uses one type of energy to add an equal amount of another energy type.
Energy Substitution 79 You can modify an energy-based spell to use another type of energy instead.
Enhance Spell 191 You can increase the power limit of your damage-dealing spells.
Epic Spell Focus 192 Choose a school of magic, such as illusion. Your spells of that school are for more potent than normal.
Epic Spell Penetration 192 Your spells are tremendously potent, breaking through spell resistance with ease.
Explosive Spell 79 You can cast spells that blast creatures off their feet.
Extra Edge 79 Your ability to deal spell damage is particularly striking.
Extra Invocation 79 You learn an additional invocation.
Extra Slot 79 You can cast an additional spell.
Extra Spell 79 You learn an additional spell.
Extra Spell Secret 80 You learn an additional spell secret.
Fortify Spell 80 You cast spells that more easily penetrate spell resistance.
Guardian Spirit 80 Your watchful spirit is more capable than normal.
Heighten Spell-Like Ability 80 You can use a spell-like ability as if it were a higher spell-level equivalent than it actually is.
Improved Combat Casting 192 You heighten your ability to cast spells while threatened without fear of being attacked.
Innate Spell 80 You have mastered a spell so thoroughly that you can now use it as a spell-like ability.
Insightful 80 You possess a magical understanding of the workings of arcane detection.
Lord of the Uttercold 80 Through careful study of the Elemental Planes and their interactions with the Negative Energy Plane, you have learned to wield the uttercold.
Mage Slayer 81 You have studied the ways and weaknesses of spellcasters and can time your attacks and defenses against them expertly.
Master Staff 192 You can activate a staff without using a charge.
Master Wand 192 You can activate a wand without using a charge.
Maximize Spell-Like Ability 81 You can use a spell-like ability at its maximum effect.
Necropolis Born 81 You possess a magical understanding of the essence of mortal dread.
Night Haunt 81 You possess a magical understanding of the workings of the unseen.
Nonlethal Substitution 81 You can modify an energy spell to deal nonlethal damage.
Obtain Familiar 81 You gain a familiar.
Persistent Spell 81 You can make a spell last all day.
Pierce Magical Concealment 81 You ignore the miss chance provided by certain magical effects.
Pierce Magical Protection 82 You can overcome the magical protections of your enemies.
Practiced Spellcaster 82 Choose a spellcasting class that you possess. Your spells cast from that class are more powerful.
Precocious Apprentice 181 Your master has shown you the basics of a spell beyond the normal limits of your experience and training.
Ranged Spell Specialization 82 You deal more damage with ranged touch attack spells.
Reckless Wand Wielder 82 You can increase the effectiveness of spells cast from a wand.
Repeat Spell 82 You can cast a spell that repeats on the following round.
Sanctum Spell 82 Your spells are especially potent on home ground.
Sculpt Spell 83 You can alter the area of your spells.
Soul of the North 83 You possess a magical understanding of the nature of cold.
Spell Hand 83 You possess a magical understanding of the manipulation of force.
Split Ray 83 Your ray spells can affect an additional target.
Sudden Empower 83 You can cast a spell to greater effect without special preparation.
Sudden Extend 83 You can make a spell last longer than normal without special preparation.
Sudden Maximize 83 You can cast a spell to maximum effect without special preparation.
Sudden Quicken 83 You can cast a spell with a moment's thought without special preparation.
Sudden Silent 83 You can cast a spell silently without special preparation.
Sudden Still 83 You can cast a spell without gestures or special preparation.
Sudden Widen 83 You can increase a spell's area without special preparation.
Touch Spell Specialization 83 You deal extra damage with touch spells.
Transdimensional Spell 84 You can cast spells that affect targets lurking in coexistent planes and extradimensional spaces whose entrances fall within the spell's area.
Twin Spell 84 You can simultaneously cast a single spell twice.
Wandstrike 84 You can channel the magical energy of a wand through your melee attacks.

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Facts about "Complete Arcane"
AbbreviationCAr +
AuthorRichard Baker +
ISBN0-7869-3435-2 +
Item Code179250000 +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count192 +
Publication DateNovember 2004 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleComplete Arcane +