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A Collection of Fantastic Weapons +Hardcover  +
A Dozen and One Adventures +Boxed Set  +
A Guide to the Ethereal Plane +Paperback  +
A Practical Guide to Monsters +Hardcover  +
AD&D Adventures in Space +Boxed set  +
Aberrations +Box  +
Advanced Bestiary +Hardcover/Pdf  +
Advanced d20 Rulebooks +Hardcover/Pdf  +
Adventurer's Vault +Trade Hardback  +
Age of Mortals +Hardcover  +
Arabian Adventures +Paperback  +
Arms and Equipment Guide (2e) +Paperback  +
Arms and Equipment Guide (3e) +Hardcover  +
Assassin Mountain +Boxed Set  +
Bestiary of Krynn +Hardcover  +
Betrayal +Hardback  +
Beyond the Moons +Paperback  +
Birthright Campaign Setting +Boxed Set  +
Book of Erotic Fantasy +Hardcover  +
Book of Exalted Deeds +Hardcover  +
Book of Vile Darkness +Hardcover  +
Brothers Majere +Paperback  +
Caravans +Boxed Set  +
Castle Whiterock +Boxed set  +
Champions of Ruin +Hardcover  +
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