Copper Dragonborn (5e Subrace)

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Copper Dragonborn[edit]

Dragonborn hailing from copper dragon lineage typically possess coppery scales, greenish eyes, and two rows of short, upwards-curving horns on either side of their head. ' is a subrace of Dragonborn - Rewrites

Ability Score Increase: Intelligence +1
Copper Dragon Affinity. Copper Dragonborn have proficiency in the Deception skill, and have advantage on saving throws against being Charmed. 
Natural Jester. Upon reaching 3rd level, Copper Dragonborn can cast Hideous Laughter once per short or long rest, using Intelligence as their spellcasting ability for the spell. 
Copper Heritage. Copper Dragonborn have Resistance to Acid damage, and their Breath weapon is a 5ft-wide, 30ft-long Line, dealing Acid damage and allowing a Dexterity save for half damage.
FeaturesCopper Dragon Affinity +, Natural Jester + and Copper Heritage +
Intelligence+1 +
RaceDragonborn - Rewrite +
Subrace Ability ModsInt +1 +
Subrace FeaturesCopper Dragon Affinity +, Natural Jester + and Copper Heritage +