Cults of the Dragon Below (5e)

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Deific Summary[1] [2]
Cults of the Dragon Below

Type: Occult Powers
Portfolio: deities of madness
Gender: n/a
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Trickery
Symbol: Varies
Worshipers: Cultists
Pantheon: Eberron

The Cults of the Dragon Below are wildly diverse… based on madness or power… Warlocks draw power from demon overlords, and daelkyr cultists serve mind flayers and beholders. Others embrace deep convictions that others see as madness. Outsiders use the term "Cult of the Dragon Below" as a blanket term to describe these disparate beliefs, but the cultists don't use this name or see themselves as part of a greater whole.[3]

Sources and Notes[edit]

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AlignmentNeutral Evil +
AuthorVaried +, PHB5 + and ERftLW +
Canontrue +
Deific TypeOccult Powers +
DomainTrickery +
Gendern/a +
Individualtrue +
IndividualsTrue +
LineageOccult Powers +
PantheonEberron +
Portfoliodeities of madness +
PublicationVaried +, PHB5 + and ERftLW +
SettingEberron +
SymbolVaries +
WorshipersCultists +