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Pantheon Name Summary Author
Elemental Wolves Wolves that control the basic building blocks of nature and emotion. Dingobabee
The court of the Sun King The Gods of Apiron. Wildmage


(12 official and unofficial deities)

Aberrothe Wandering Giver of LifeChaotic NeutralLife, TrickeryThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA cross splitting a grinning mask, with curved mischievous eyes. Gleaming with elegant rays.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
AnoikhReincarnation and the Order of LifeLawful NeutralLife, Grave, DeathThe Demiplane of the ForgottenAn upside down ankh with three crosses intersecting at the loops end, near the end of the shaft and inbetween the two.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
AsienThe SlaughterChaotic EvilGrave, DeathThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA horizontally split skull with a beating heart nestled through the gap.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
Duke BrakenDimensional ChivalryNeutral GoodWar, Order, KnowledgeThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA stubborn ram in front of a sword stabbed into the ground.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
Jakoths the PC UserVideo Games, Hardware and SoftwareChaotic NeutralCity, Arcana, Trickery, WarDemiplane of the ForgottenA skull with a gaming controller plugged into the skull.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
Lu TunakiThe HuntChaotic NeutralNature, Grave, WarThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA misty skull with an arrow slammed down into its temple from above with rays casting from the shaft of the arrow.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
SekolahSahuagin, BattleLawful EvilWar, DeathNine HellsWhite sharkGreyhawk, Forgotten Realms, SahuaginRlyehable
Sha'erOf the nights, the roguish and the unsightlyChaotic NeutralTrickery, Death, GraveThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA black velvet mask tinged in hues of red with iridescent purple lines inscribed at a slant downwards and inwards passing through either eye hole and meeting at the bottom jaw.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
Sun KingSun, Retribution, Teukros-Royalty, Law, Tekran-Fire, RevengeLawful Good (Teukros) Lawful Neutral (Tekran)LightCourt of the Sun KingGolden crown displaying a Sun disc (Teukros), A Burning Orb with a open maw (Tekran)Court of the Sun King
The ManaDeath, Magic, Enlightenment, VirtueLawful GoodLife, Death, VirtueAn intricate tattooMax7238
The Destroyerof Cataclysmic DestructionChaotic EvilDeath, GraveDemiplane of the ForgottenA circle with an arch at its center, shattered with the edges being more scattered than the center.Pantheon of the ForgottenGhostie
The WandererTravel, Commerce, HospitalityNeutral GoodTravelA use-worn sandal.UniversalRlyehable

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