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Main documentation for Semantic Mediawiki can be found at the Semantic Mediawiki Wiki

Setting Properties[edit]

To set a property without showing the text on the page, use the format {{#set:Property=Value goes here}}.

To set a property and show the text on the page, use the format [[Property::Value goes here]].

To set multiple properties (mostly used at the beginning of classes), use the following format:

{{set:Property1=Value goes here
|Property2=Value of Property 2
|PropertyN=Value of last property.

Ask Function[edit]

Semantic Mediawiki gives the parser function {{ask:<query>[[|param=value[...|param=value]]}}.


The query is a set of properties and categories to filter. Filtering is done via [[Category:categoryName]] or [[Property::value]]. For example, to choose all user fighter feats in 3.5e, the query would be [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:Feat]] [[Category:User]] [[Type::Fighter]]

In an {{ask:}} template, it should be the first value you send.

Helper Templates[edit]

Dungeons and Dragons Wiki has a set of helper templates with the name of the form "SMW type Query". These templates take one unnamed parameter, the query. It then outputs the results on the page for you, giving a proper default and using the pipe trick template when necessary. Currently the entire list of helper templates is:

for paragraph format
for a bullet list
for display as if it was a list on a category page
for displaying full transcluded pages—use with caution.
Titled Embed
for displaying full transcluded pages, giving them a top-level heading that links back to the embedded article.


This example shows the query for showing the 4e other pages in an unordered list:

{{SMW UL Query|[[Category:4e]][[Category:User]][[Category:Other]]}}

This example shows the query for showing all feats created by Havvy in a list format:

{{SMW List Query|[[Category:Feat]][[Author::Havvy]]}}