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Havvy's Homebrew (191 Articles)
Spellstrained1 Arcane Bane, Arcane Theft, Constraining Blast, Mind Numbing Stab, Mindlock Strike, Nullstrain, Quicken Invocation, Ring of Mental Transformation, Spell Drain, Spellcutting, Spellslashing, Spellslashing Burst, Spellstrained, Still Invocation
Character Options Abyssal Heritor Warlock, Act Fast, Arcane Metamagic, Blocked Opportunity, Bonus Power, Colourful Flag, Colourful Flag, Improved, Contagious Aura of Success, Contagious Evasion, Contagious Mettle, Contagious Success, Continued Mind Enhancement, Continued Mind Enhancement, Rogue Balance, Deadly Blast, Disciplined Charge, Disciplined Cleave, Disciplined Trip, Emergency Reinvoke, Energy Substitute Spell-Like Ability, Enhancement Power Attack, Extended Shot, Extra Daily Spell, Extra Dark Invocation, Far Throw, Flurry of Blasts, Fool Me Once, Friends Fate, Heightened Potion, Improved Wingpin, Increased Toxin Pool, Just A Flesh Wound, Keen Enhancement, Loser of The Game, Luminaphobia, Magical Vigor, Mass Manifesting, Mass Spellcasting, Mind Numbing Stab, Narrow Mind, Overcome Deficiency, Phantasmal Summons, Practiced Turner, Purge Vulnerability, Quicken Invocation, Quickened Death Attack, Reprogram, Share Spell Metamagic, Shored Weakness, Short Sleeper, Sociopath, Solipsistic Sanity, Spell Drain, Still Invocation, Strong Throw, Sublime Practice, Throw Potion, Tough Wizard, True Genesis, Unfate, Upgrade, Weapon Enhancement Specialization, Wild Versatility
Invocations Blast of Defeat, Constraining Blast, Corrosive Blast, Critical Blast, Eldritch Eye, Elemental Blast, Evasive Spirit, Ignitable Spirit, Miniature Blast, Precise Blast, Precise Senses, Slipskin, Subdual Strike, Susceptible Strike, Volcanic Resilience
Variants and Terms Basic Magic Strike, Cramped, Cross-Discipline Maneuvers, Die Pool for Ability Scores, Fog, Fragile Weapons, Half-Damage on Hit Roll equal to AC, Ongoing Damage, Pathfinder Oracle Curses as Tome Feats, Precision Resistance, Realistic Weapon Damage, Restricted Aligned Spells, Scaling Maneuvers, Spellstrained, Susceptible, Tome Styles, Truedeath Fog, Uncentered, Weather
Class Ability Components Arcane Bane, Arcane Theft, Beguiling Remark, Beshadowing Strike, Chain Attack, Curse of the Day, Curse of the Night, Dark One's Own Luck, Darkball, Decency, Dive of the Eagle, Fear of The Other, Focus Spell, Gaussian Property of Distribution, Greater Nonlethal Field, Horizon's Push, Hyperbolic Asymptote, Jelly, Jelly Katamari, Mindlock Strike, Nonlethal Field, Partial Shadow, Power Word The Game, Practice Field, Recreation, Refit Limb, Restful, Restructure, Restructure, Greater, Restructure, Lesser, Restructure, Mass Lesser, Restructuring Circle, Revigorize, Revive Construct, Rien's Spontaneous Regression, See The Unseen, Seen but Unseen, Shadow's Trip, Time, Unwary Harassment, Weightless Object, Zeno's Lemma, Zone of Restructuring, Zone of Vigor
Other Abyssalbred, Antistrain, Avicularia, Belt of Temporal Summoning, Boots of the Summoned Hulk, Celestubus, Chemist, Coffee, Crate, Damage Susceptibility, Dire Hypnotoad, Eldritch Blast Specialist, Enchanted Pouch, Fell Contract, Hyper, Hypno, Identity Disc, Klein, Klein Sword, Logarithmic, Nullstrain, Ring of Lesser Warmth, Ring of Mental Transformation, Self-Repair, Shadow Adept, Shadow Pact Warlock, Spellcutting, Spellslashing, Spellslashing Burst, Sublime Bane, Summoning Gloves, Summoning Gloves of Magnificence, Truecenter Crystal, Weightless, Wingpin, Yoshi
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Thoughts on Feat Types[edit]

Feat types are tags. Many of them have designated rules attached to them, but not all feat types have too if you make a subsystem, you should include a feat type with it. Even if you only make one or two feats with that type, you open up the ease of understanding for people who have seen and understand what that tag designates. Also, it helps people remove entire sets of feats from their choice because they know it goes against their character concept or the rules in play.

Thus, there exist feat types like Multiclass and Wordcasting. Alone, these feat types dont force any rules into how they operate except for that they have to effect the subsystem they are named after in some way they allow users to add their own flavor and variants to the subsystem without feeling out of place.

And this is a wiki. We can gather up all feats of a type, and show them magically. It also combats A problem with feats that i call "The Sea of General". Feats without a type are the hardest to search for since you have to actually read a full sentence per feat minimum, to understand what it does.

(I am happy to hear your grunts of this on my discussion page.)

What Makes a Complete Martial Discipline?[edit]

The following is the minimal list

First eight levels of maneuvers having at least two maneuvers each. Exceptions are allowed.Ninth level maneuver being effectively a SoD. Our stances, with one at level 1. Feat corresponding to maneuver skill and theme.Tactical feat with aforementioned feat as a prerequisite.Legacy WeaponName of magic item grunting maneuver.Discipline skill and weapons

The following are additions to the list, for a "Complete" discipline. Monster with maneuver-like abilities using your discipline.Planar Layer of MrityulokCross-Discipline Maneuvers. These should never be considered core maneuvers for the prerequisites above.History of how the discipline was founded, along with NPC writeups of major characters.

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