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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: March 10, 2008
Status: Completed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Gear Subtype[edit]

This subtype pertains to the 'Gear' family of constructs, beings of gears and clockwork that give them certain strengths and weaknesses.


The traits listed here override the base Construct traits wherever applicable.

  • Gear Body: The Gear Body type is so similar in structure to living creatures that they can drop below 0 hit points, entering maintenance mode. This functions exactly like dropping below 0 hit points for a living creature, but requires a craft check for stabilization instead of a heal check. The amount of negative hit points the unit can survive can be calculated based on it's Reinforced Plating bonus as a substitute for a constitution modifier. The Gear cannot exit maintenance mode during this time, although it can stabilize itself. Maintenance mode functions as though the unit is unconscious and dying.
  • 50 % fortification against critical hits.
  • Customizable: Constructs of the gear subtype are highly customizable. A gear's body can be upgraded or outfitted with different armor packages, utilities and grafts to suit the particular gear's needs, and is considered a suit of masterwork armor for the purpose of magical enhancement. A gear gets a reinforced plating bonus equal to half its body's magical enhancement bonus to AC, rounded up. See Gear Customization for a complete list of upgrades available to Gears.
    • Modules: Modules are additions to a gear's functionality, giving it more options in battle or aiding it in fulfilling its duties. Any gear, regardless of size or shape, has four module spaces or slots; one body slot, two utility slots and one head slot. Modules are generally unintrusive, although heavier modules may create minor drawbacks, such as an increased armor check penalty or a slightly reduced movement speed.
    • Grafts: Grafts represent a higher degree of customization than modules, but also carry a much greater drawback. In order to mount a graft, a gear sacrifices one of its utility module slots, and incurs penalties according to the type of graft. A gear with a graft may lose the use of an arm, or may be rendered enable to run or jump.

Creatures with the Gear Subtype[edit]

The following creatures have the gear subtype:

Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Size
Gear Actua 1/2 Construct [Gear] Medium
Gear Actua Construct [Gear] Medium
Seppia Construct [Gear, Xenotheric] Medium
Seppia SOLO Gear 2 Construct [Gear, Xenotheric] Medium

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