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"Holy Shit is that a Mosquito?" (3.5e Monster) +Rating Pending  +
"Lol Media" (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +
"Smith", the Spymaster (3.5e Vestige) +Undiscussed  +


10-Foot Pole Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +
100 Far Realm Occurrences (3.5e Other) +Rating Pending  +
100 Female NPC Names (3.5e Other) +Undiscussed  +
100 Fists (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +
100 Male NPC Names (3.5e Other) +Undiscussed  +
100 Traits (3.5e Other) +Undiscussed  +


20 Misfortunes (3.5e Other) +Undiscussed  +


3D Maneuver Gear (3.5e Equipment) +Undiscussed  +
3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +


5.56 NATO Machine Gun (3.5e Equipment) +Rating Pending  +
50/50 (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +
50/50 Coin (3.5e Equipment) +Undiscussed  +
541 Special (3.5e Feat) +Undiscussed  +
5E Spelljammer (5e Campaign Setting) +Undiscussed  +
5e Exotic Weapon +Undiscussed  +


A Druid's Guide to Redwood Forests' Most Beautiful Places (3.5e Equipment) +Undiscussed  +
A Feast Unknown (3.5e Feat) +Rated 2 / 4  +
A Life For A Life (3.5e Spell) +Undiscussed  +
A Player's Guide to Roles in the Party (3.5e Guide) +Rating Pending  +
A Viewtiful Mind (3.5e Feat) +Unrated  +
A'dam (3.5e Equipment) +Undiscussed  +
AC Scouter (3.5e Equipment) +Rating Pending  +
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