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Author: Risek (talk)
Date Created: March 12th, 2010
Status: Finished
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  • Size: Large
  • Shape: Sphere
  • Location: Outer Ring
  • Climate: Cold
  • Terrain: Mountain
  • Race:
80% Lebiian
15% Imperial
5% Others
  • Civilization Traits
  • Owner: Psk'Therei Caste
  • Dominant Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Lawful Good
  • Civilization State: Scattered cities
  • Religious Beliefs: Atheistic
  • Authority Figures: The Hethulai (LN Lebiian shaper 20/Constructor 12/Etopic Adept CPsy 5)
  • History and Background: Deep in the Outer ring, Lebiia is a cold, desolate mountain shard, dimly lit by a few void streams that flow near the shard. Dotting the landscape are several dozen fortresses, each one intricately carved directly from the mountains themselves, a necessity on a shard where the wind has been know to blow so strongly that lesser structures have been torn down.

One of the unique parts of the shard is that the entire area is a dead magic zone, a powerful man-made defense against the Empire and most other parties who would seek to conquer the shard.

Lebiia is ruled by a powerful council of psionicists, the Tarentii. The Tarentii are a very secretive group, numbering in a hundred and fifty three completely anonymous members. The identities of the Tarentii is protected by an ancient psionicist known as the Hethulai, who creates ectoplasmic avatars for the members to channel their consciousness from all corners of the shard, and who mantains the wards that ban magic on Lebiia.

Each fortress plays a different role in the civilization on Lebiia, but four in particular are very important.


Set on the edge of a miles-deep chasm, Tulaya is a military citadel that houses most of the shard's voidship fleet. The chasm is protected from the fierce windstorms that wrack the shard, making it the perfect place for the shipyards that craft horribly powerful psionic voidships.

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The life on the outer ring is not often easy, but at least we are far from those imperial scums.
—Taffle Miconsis, Confederate war refugee
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