Legendary Wolf (3.5e Monster)

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Author: Aarnott (talk)
Date Created: 16:30, 21 November 2013 (UTC)
Status: Working away
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This monster is balanced to fit in a high level of balance game. I have taken the liberty of not using the standard D&D rules for determining various statistics for this monster. As a result, it may seem a bit stronger (or weaker) than some SRD monsters of the same CR and that is fine. I think it will pose an appropriate challenge for characters of its CR.

Legendary Wolf[edit]

Legendary Wolf

CR 5

N Large Animal
Init/Senses +3/Low-light vision, scent; Listen +10, Spot +10
AC 22, touch 19, flat-footed 20
hp 50 (5 HD)
Resist 10 of energy affinity type
Fort/Ref/Will +7/+7/+7
Speed 50 ft. (10 squares)
Melee +15 Bite (2d6 + 1d6 energy damage, 4d6 + 2d6 energy damage against a prone creature, see Tear Flesh)
Space/Reach 10 ft./5 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +4/+8
Atk Options Go for the Legs, Tear Flesh, Wolf Pack Tactics
Abilities Str 24, Dex 17, Con 19, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Feats Track
Skills Intimidate +10, Survival +12, Knowledge: Nature +20
Energy Affinity (Su) A legendary wolf has an energy affinity chosen from the following types: acid, cold, electricity, fire, magic, negative energy, or positive energy. Its affinity grants it a bonus 1d6 damage of that energy type to all its natural weapons and resist 10 to that energy type.
Go for the Legs (Ex) Whenever a legendary wolf hits a creature it is flanking, the creature must make a Fortitude save DC 18 (adding any bonuses it would normally get to resist trip attempts), or else be knocked prone.
Tear Flesh (Ex) A legendary wolf's attacks are automatically a critical hit against prone creatures.
Wolf Pack Tactics (Ex) The legendary wolf flanks any creature that is threatened by an ally. A dire wolf's allies that threaten a creature also flank the creature if the dire wolf threatens it.
Baleful Howl (Su) Once per hour, as a move action usable only at night, a legendary wolf can howl to the moon. All creatures within a mile must make a Will Save DC 18 or else become Shaken until morning.
Pack Alpha Legendary wolves lead their packs with skill, knowing how to direct them to hunt effectively. Ally wolves within 60 ft. get a +2 bonus to attack rolls and a +4 bonus to damage rolls.

Legendary wolves lead packs of dire wolves and regular wolves and represent a spiritual connection to nature. People that respect their wisdom are able to ask them for advice concerning anything in the natural world. And, although their answers are cryptic since they cannot speak, reaching an understanding of what they have to say allows those that ask an excellent resource of knowledge.

Legendary wolves tend to have brilliant coats of fur, accented to color based on their element. For example, frost wolves are white with icy blue eyes, fire wolves are burnished brown with crimson streaks, and negative energy wolves are jet black.

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

Legendary wolves in packs with dire wolves, using their wolf pack tactics to bring down their enemies and tear into them. The tend to hunt at night so that they can weaken their enemy's resolve using their baleful howl. They may howl a few times before engaging an enemy, just to make sure the enemy is really on edge.


A legendary wolf's fur can be used as a powerful component to craft Boots of the Wolf. The pelt can otherwise be sold on the open market for 1,200 gp.

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