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Light Domain[1] is a divine domain of the cleric class described in Player's Handbook (5e).


Domain Spell
Bonus Cantrip
Warding Flame
Channel Divinity: Radiance of the Dawn
Improved Flare
Potent Spellcasting
Corona of Light

Unofficial Description: This domain includes truth, beauty, and revealing.

Light Deities[edit]

Light Deities
(34 official and unofficial deities)

AphroditeDeityLove and beautyChaotic GoodLightArboreaSea shellGreekSRD5
ApolloDeityLight, music, and healingChaotic GoodKnowledge, Life, LightArboreaLyreGreekSRD5
Araleth LetheranilDeityLight, stars, revelationsChaotic GoodKnowledge, LightShaft of LightElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
BalderDeityBeauty and poetryNeutral GoodLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)Gem-­encrusted silver chaliceNorseSRD5
BelenusDeitySun, light, and warmthNeutral GoodLightSolar disk and standing stonesCelticSRD5
Berronar TruesilverDeityHearth, home, truthLawful GoodLife, LightIntertwined silver ringsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
BlereddDeityLabor, craftNeutralForge, LightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Iron MuleGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
BranchalaDeityMusicNeutral GoodLightBard's harpDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Corellon LarethianDeityElves, Art, and MagicChaotic GoodLight, Arcana, Life, WarQuarter moon or starburstElven, SeldarineVaried, PHB5, SCAG, MToF
Darahl TilvenarDeityFire, earth, metalworkLawful NeutralForge, LightArvandorFlame between handsElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Dol ArrahDeitySunlight and honorLawful GoodLight, War, TwilightRising sunEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EilistraeeDeityFreedom, moonlight, songChaotic GoodLife, Light, NatureSword-wielding, dancing female drow silhouetted against the full moonElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
EpharaDeitythe polisLawful NeutralKnowledge, LightUrn pouring waterTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
ForsetiDeityJustice and lawNeutralLightYsgard (Asgard)Head of a bearded manNorseSRD5
FreyDeityFertility and the sunNeutral GoodLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)Ice-­blue greatswordNorseSRD5
FriggaDeityBirth and fertilityNeutralLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)CatNorseSRD5
HathorDeityLove, music, and motherhoodNeutral GoodLife, LightHorned cow's head with lunar diskEgyptianSRD5
HeimdallDeityWatchfulness and loyaltyLawful GoodLight, War, UnityYsgard (Asgard)Curling musical hornNorseSRD5
HeliodDeitythe sunLawful GoodLightLaurel crownTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
HelmDeityProtectionLawful NeutralLife, LightStaring eye on upright left gauntletForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LathanderDeityBirth and renewalNeutral GoodLife, LightRoad traveling into a sunriseForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MililDeityPoetry and songNeutral GoodLightFive-stringed harp made of leavesForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OdurDeityLight and the sunChaotic GoodLightYsgard (Asgard)Solar diskNorseSRD5
The Path of LightPhilosophyLight and self-improvementLawful NeutralLife, LightBrilliant crystalEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
PelorDeitySun and healingNeutral GoodLife, LightSunGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
PholtusDeityLight and lawLawful GoodLight, OrderSilver sun or full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moonGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Re-HorakhtyDeityThe sunLawful GoodLife, LightSolar disk encircled by serpentEgyptianSRD5
Segojan EarthcallerDeityEarth, the deadNeutral GoodGrave, LightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Glowing gemstonesGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
Sehanine MoonbowDreams, death, travel, and the MoonChaotic GoodGrave, Knowledge, LightCrescent moon, Full moon under a moonbowElven, SeldarineVaried, PHB5, MToF
Sheyanna FlaxenstrandDeityLove, beauty, passionChaotic GoodLightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Two silver gobletsGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
The Silver FlameDeityProtection and goodLawful GoodLife, Light, WarFlame drawn on silver or molded from silverEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
Sun KingDeitySun, Retribution, Teukros-Royalty, Law, Tekran-Fire, RevengeLawful Good (Teukros) Lawful Neutral (Tekran)LightCourt of the Sun KingGolden crown displaying a Sun disc (Teukros), A Burning Orb with a open maw (Tekran)Court of the Sun King
SuneDeityLove and beautyChaotic GoodLife, LightFace of a beautiful read-haired womanForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TharmekhulDeityFire, forges, molten rockNeutralForge, LightFiery axeDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. Wizards RPG Team (19 August 2014). Player's Handbook. (5e) Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0786965606. p. 60-61. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast (used under 'fair use' clause).

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