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Alchemy Jug +Jug  +
Amulet of Health +An ammulet  +
Armblade +A [[SRD5:Simple Weapon|simple]] or [[SRD5:Martial Weapon|martial weapon]] with the [[SRD5:Thrown|thrown]] property  +
Armor of Magical Strength +A suit of armor  +
Armor of Tools +A suit of armor  +
Bag of Holding +Bag  +
Belt of Giant Strength +A belt  +
Boots of Elvenkind +A pair of boots  +
Boots of Levitation +A pair of boots  +
Boots of Speed +A pair of boots  +
Boots of Striding and Springing +A pair of boots  +
Boots of the Winding Path +A pair of boots  +
Boots of the Winterlands +A pair of boots  +
Bracers of Archery +A pair of bracers  +
Bracers of Defense +A pair of bracers  +
Brooch of Shielding +A brooch  +
Cap of Water Breathing +Hat  +
Cloak of Elvenkind +A pair of boots  +
Cloak of Protection +A cloak  +
Cloak of the Bat +A cloak  +
Cloak of the Manta Ray +Cloak  +
Dimensional Shackles +A pair of shackles  +
Enhanced Arcane Focus +A rod, staff, or wand  +
Enhanced Defense +A suit of armor or shield  +
Enhanced Wand +A wand  +
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