Cap of Water Breathing (5e)

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Cap of Water Breathing [1] (pointer
Magic Wondrous Item, uncommon

Unofficial Description: Cap that allows the wearer to breathe underwater.

Artificer Replication [2] 

This item can be replicated by Artificers using the Infuse Item — Replicate Magic Item ability. When replicated the following apply:

Artificer Infused Magic Item
Prerequisite: 2nd level Artificer
Item: Hat

Sources and Notes[edit]

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Artificer Canontrue +
Artificer Infused Itemtrue +
AuthorDungeon Master's Guide (5e) +
Canontrue +
ItemHat +
Item TypeWondrous Item +
Prerequisite2nd level Artificer +
PublicationDungeon Master's Guide (5e) +
RarityUncommon +
SettingEberron +