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Adamantine Armor +Armor  +
Agar in a Jar +Wondrous Item  +
Alchemy Jug +Wondrous Item  +
Amulet of Health +Wondrous Item  +
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location +Wondrous Item  +
Amulet of the Planes +Wondrous Item  +
Animated Shield +Armor  +
Apparatus of the Crab +Wondrous Item  +
Armor of Invulnerability +Armor  +
Armor of Resistance +Armor  +
Armor of Vulnerability +Armor  +
Arrow of Slaying +Weapon  +
Arrow-Catching Shield +Armor  +
Bag of Beans +Wondrous Item  +
Bag of Devouring +Wondrous Item  +
Bag of Holding +Wondrous Item  +
Bag of Tricks +Wondrous Item  +
Bead of Force +Wondrous Item  +
Belt of Dwarvenkind +Wondrous Item  +
Belt of Giant Strength +Wondrous Item  +
Berserker Axe +Weapon  +
Boots of Elvenkind +Wondrous Item  +
Boots of Levitation +Wondrous Item  +
Boots of Speed +Wondrous Item  +
Boots of Striding and Springing +Wondrous Item  +
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