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"Lol Media" (3.5e Feat) +Ability to cast spells  +, manifest powers  +, or access to some sort of public information medium.  +


10-Foot Pole Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +None  +
100 Fists (3.5e Feat) +Dex 13  +, Flurry of Blows  +


3.5e Grim Alterations +Armor Fusion  +, Tenebrous Wave  +, Tenebrous Body  +,
3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency (3.5e Feat) +Balance 4 ranks  +


50/50 (3.5e Feat) +1st level only  +
541 Special (3.5e Feat) +None  +


A Feast Unknown (3.5e Feat) +You must have consumed the rapidly cooling flesh of an intelligent mortal creature. Must be evil.  +
A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body (3.5e Feat) +CON 14+  +, Reflex Save 18+  +, Lightning Reflexes.  +
A Viewtiful Mind (3.5e Feat) +VFX Drama Focus  +, ability to use VFX  +, VFX pool of 12 or more  +,
A Will Quicker Than the Mind (3.5e Feat) +WIS 14+  +, Reflex Save 18+  +, Lightning Reflexes.  +
ATRuns Extra Features (3.5e Feat) +ATRuns  +
Abaddon's Hatred (3.5e Feat) +Thrall to Demon (Abaddon)  +
Ability Focus +Special attack.  +
Ability Focus, Variant (3.5e Feat) +Special Attack  +
Ability Mastery (3.5e Feat) +0 or positive ability modifier for the chosen ability score  +
Ability Training (3.5e Feat) +None  +
Ablative Armor (3.5e Feat) +Warforged  +, 3rd level.  +
Abode of Earth (3.5e Feat) +(Earth) Subtype  +, Burrow speed  +, Character level 3+  +
Absorb Ally (3.5e Feat) +Must have been exposed to ''[[SRD:Death Knell|death knell]]''  +, 13 HD  +
Absorb Energy (3.5e Feat) +[[Deflect Projectiles (3.5e Feat)|Deflect Projectiles]]  +
Accelerate Initiative (3.5e Feat) +None  +
Accelerate Spell (3.5e Feat) +None  +
Accelerate Vestige (3.5e Skill Trick) +Pactcraft 9 ranks  +
Accelerated Progression (3.5e Feat) +Spellcaster or Manifester 1st  +
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