A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body (3.5e Feat)

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Author: T Magic
Date Created: March 8, 2014
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body [General] Before your blood even has a chance to be poisoned, your body is in another place entirely.Prerequisites: CON 14+, Reflex Save 18+, Lightning Reflexes.Benefit: Use the value of your Reflex save in place of your Fortitude save. The Reflex save prerequisite is the total save after all other benefits, not just the base save. This does include temporary effects like potions, items, or spells, but if a characters Reflex save drops below 18, this feat goes dormant until the character's Reflex save is at least 18 again. Non-permanent ability/save damage that lowers the character's Reflex save does not count against the 18 save requirement. Example: A character with a 5 Fortitude save and an 18 Reflex save is being poisoned DC 20 and rolls a 10. Normally this is a failure (15 vs. DC 20) but with this feat, the character resists (28 vs. DC 20). Let's say the amulet of +6 Dexterity is stolen from the character and their Reflex save drops to 15. Using the previous scenario, the character would fail the save because the save would be a 15 (Fortitude) not a 25 (Reflex). Assume again that the character gains back the amulet. Now the character would succeed the save again. Finally, assume the character takes a -6 Dexterity ability burn. Being poisoned again and rolling another 10, the character would succeed the save. The save would be a 25 not a 28 (for the new lowered Reflex save), but this feat would still apply, despite the character's Reflex save "effectively" being lower than 18.Normal: You use your Fortitude save for Fortitude saves, not your Reflex save.

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