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The Complete Book of Humanoids
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e 
Abbreviation: PHBR10 
Author: Bill Slavicsek 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 2135 
Publication Date: 1993 
Page Count: 121 
ISBN-10: 1-56076-611-5
Product Blurb
Look out adventures, they're here! This handbook describes in detail over 20 humanoid races that can be run as player characters—from mischievous pixies to stubborn minotaurs, from the lizardlike saurial to the savage half-ogre—and many more in between. In addition to many new character types, this handbook contains new proficiencies, humanoid kits, unusual equipment, and a few new surprises that will open worlds of adventure within any ongoing campaign. Move over, common adventurers, The Complete Book of Humanoids is here!
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Section Page
Introduction 4
Kuhung's Tale 4
What are Humanoids? 4
Humanoids in Campaigns 5
The Purpose of This Handbook 5
A Note About Optional Rules 6
Chapter One: Humanoid Characters 7
Creating Humanoids Characters 7
Generating Ability Scores 7
Humanoids Races 8
Grounds, Classes, and Kits 8
Adding Humanoids to a Campaign 9
Chapter Two: Humanoids Races 15
How to Read the Entries 15
Aarkocra 16
Alaghi 18
Beastman 19
Bugbear 21
Bullywug, Advanced 22
Centaur 24
Fremlin 25
Giant-kin, Firbolg 27
Giant-kin, Voadkyn 29
Gnoll 31
Gnoll, Flind 32
Goblin 35
Hobgoblin 36
Kobold 38
Lizard Man 40
Minotaur 42
Mongrelman 43
Ogre, Half-Ogre 46
Ogre Mage 47
Orc, Half-Orc 49
Pixie 51
Satyr 53
Saurial 55
Swanmay 59
Wemic 60
Chapter Three: Humanoid Kit 62
Kit Descriptions 62
Warrior Kits 63
Wizards Kits 73
Priest Kits 77
Rogue Kits 83
Chapter Four: Humanoid Proficiencies 90
Proficiencies and Specialization 90
Nonweapon Proficiencies 92
Chapter Five: Role-Playing Humanoids 100
Life as a Humanoids 100
Social and Racial Disadvantages 101
Chapter Six: Superstitions 107
A Mysterious World 107
Chapter Seven: Arms and Armor 111
Armor Restrictions 111
Weapon Size Restrictions 111
Special Humanoids Weapons 112
Humanoid Comparison Chart 115
Humanoid Character Sheets 122

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AuthorBill Slavicsek +
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ISBN1-56076-611-5 +
Item Code2135 +
Page Count121 +
Publication Date1993 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 2e +
TitleThe Complete Book of Humanoids +