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Facts about medium armors:
  • A character who sleeps in medium armor is automatically fatigued the next day. He or she takes a –2 penalty on Strength and Dexterity and can’t charge or run.
  • Medium armor reduces your movement rate by 1/3, rounded down to the nearest 5 foot increment. So creatures with a move of 30 lose 10, and only move 20 while wearing medium armor. Creatures with a move of 20 lose 5 (6.7 rounded down), and only move 15 while wearing medium armor. Dwarves do not suffer this movement penalty due to a racial bonus.
  • Medium armor requires 4 minutes to don or 2 minutes to don with assistance, but only 5 rounds to don hastily.
  • Medium armor can be removed in 1 minute, or only 5 rounds with help.
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Medium Armors[edit]

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