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Slaad Overview[1]

...Slaadi are native to the Outer Plane of Limbo... Slaadi are almost always chaotic neutral except for the death slaadi, which are usually chaotic evil, and the gormeel slaadi, which are usually lawful neutral. ...Slaadi are described as frog or toad-like humanoids. Within that rough characterization they have a wide range of forms depending on subtype, and often corresponding to their rank in society. Size also varies between the different subtypes, from human sized to several feet taller than human sized.

Their base form was that of a large bipedal frog, though some of the more powerful slaadi had polymorph self or shapechange abilities and sometimes appeared as humanoids.[1] In frog form their heads were huge and their claws were extremely sharp. They spoke their own language and, occasionally, some additional evil languages. Telepathy, however, allowed them to understand and converse with all things. There were many types of slaadi depending on their place of origin and rank within their society. The most common types of slaadi were blue slaadi, green slaadi, red slaadi, gray slaadi (the executioners), and death slaadi (the lesser masters)... Size also varied between the different subtypes, from human-sized to several feet taller.

List of Slaadi[edit]

(7 official and unofficial Slaadi)

Name Type Subtype Size HP CR (XP) Alignment Habitat Source
Slaad Overview Overview Aberration, Slaad "Varied"
Blue Slaad Aberration Slaad Large 123 7 (2,900) Chaotic Neutral Monster Manual (5e)
Death Slaad Aberration Slaad Medium 170 10 (5,900) Chaotic Neutral Monster Manual (5e)
Gray Slaad Aberration Slaad, Shapechanger Medium 127 9 (5,000) Chaotic Neutral Urban Monster Manual (5e)
Green Slaad Aberration Slaad Large 127 8 (3,900) Chaotic Neutral Monster Manual (5e)
Red Slaad Aberration Slaad Large 93 5 (1,800) Chaotic Neutral Monster Manual (5e)
Slaad Tadpole Aberration Slaad Tiny 10 1/8 (25) Chaotic Neutral Monster Manual (5e)

Sources and Notes[edit]

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