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Seer (3.5e Class)

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'''{{Anchor|Instant Magic}}:''' At 10th level, the seer can draw on her lesser magics with only a moment's effort. She gains [[SRD:Quicken Spell|Quicken Spell]] as a bonus feat, and it is automatically applied to any eligible spell she casts without increasing the spell slot used to cast it, provided that the spell's adjusted level is not higher than the highest level of spell she can cast. At 20th level, this applies to any eligible spell she casts of 8th level or lower.
'''''{{Anchor|celerity}}'' (Sp):''' At 14th level, the seer can pull time into the present, enabling her to act at a moment's notice. She may use ''celerity '' ([[Publication: Player's Handbook II|PHBII]]) as a spell-like ability at will, though not more than once per round.
'''{{Anchor|Outside Time}}:''' At 16th level, the seer no longer ages and no longer has to make Will saves to avoid insanity from casting contact other plane.

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